This week muppet fact checkers at Politico, Snopes, and the New York Times tried to debunk my tweets that claimed dead people were requesting and returning mail in ballots in Wayne County, MI. Instead of attacking my argument they claimed that the state prevents these votes from coming through and the examples I used were run of the mill “clerical errors”. In this video I debunk the fact checkers and drop thousands of names of confirmed dead people who requested and returned mail in ballots (7000 people and we only analyzed half of the county). The data provides DOB and DOD (cross referenced with Social Security Death Index).


~10,0,000+ NAMES – confirmed deceased per Social Security Death Index [PUBLIC RECORD]





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I'm trying to tell the stories the MSM ignores. This channel should be called "Fleccas Listens


  1. SEND THESE to Trump please or Pam Bondi cus apparently all I'm hearing is crickets from the Justice Dept and this is the evidence that the Liberal media is saying Trump doesn't have?

  2. Why did that guy even get a ballot for his dead father? Fact checkers gloss over that like it’s no big deal. I bet plenty of people would fill it out and send it in.

  3. God love you dude!
    Looking good ?
    Been watching ya since you, Elijah and An0maly first started ??
    Its been real. Love watching you 3 the past 4+ years
    ~where’s da spoon mic man ??✌??

  4. Trump's team needs to reach out to you and they need to cross reference all of these ballots to see if they are confirmed to have voted. If they can confirm that they all voted, did they vote for only Biden? If they did, this election should be null and void and the Supreme Court should make the decision.

  5. What amazes me is that these people not only lie to discredit the opposition, but they are simultaneously too stupid and lazy to research opposition claims and then formulate a more convincing lie.

  6. I know we meme, I know we joke, but we must not give up now, ESPECIALLY with the legal battles being won.

    History will be kind to you, and history will be kind to us. Expose the corruption, be a part of it.

    The amount of evidence is just getting bigger and bigger.

  7. Careful Fleccas! There's only so much copeium your poor body can take. It couldn't possible be that the majority of America doesn't like Donald Trump and thought that his covid response was reason enough alone to vote him out! The dems must be trying to cheat! That's it! They're cheating! Just like they did in 2016!!! Cope harder boys, Biden 2020!

  8. So about that Snopes clip, you only showed a little piece of the article where it's missing and misleading. Are you not telling us the truth? Or are you spreading bullshit? Reporting your channel bud

  9. AMERICA LOGIC. I don't like this guy he is Orange and he is rude, I don't like the way he talk and tweets… He love is Country and is people and he is doing exactly what he said he would do. He doesn't start Wars and he bring jobs back from Asia. And it is shameful that he strengthened the border against Criminals who come peacefully do some human trafficking and sell Cartel drugs. And I have No proof that he is a Russian asset or that he is Racist or Homophobic but he is. Meanwhile : We love this Old Senile career politician who smooth talk with is lies and will not do anything for us. He will raise our taxes and we love it. We don't mind that he is Racist, Corrupt, Elitist and that he love sniffing kids. ANYWAY. God Bless America !

  10. Your voting system is riddled with exploitable flaws. People must vote in person and show their I.D. Fucking mail ballots to prevent the sniffles. It's a joke

  11. FYI John Mark Dugan did a similar data dive using 2018 elect’n voter registration in FL. Wrote a program that searched FL, I think Broward Co, that showed these same kind of results, except I believe they were on voter lists, not for requested mail in ballots. Did a bit of back tracking …

  12. Here is a pastebin link with a ton of 100+ year-old people in the state of Michigan on it. Granted, some may still be alive but centenarians are pretty rare regardless. Try putting the names in Michigan's government website to track their ballots – most of the examples I ran through had ballots sent out to them.