Factors Driving the Risk of Severe COVID in Boosted Individuals (UK Study)

Factors Driving the Risk of Severe COVID in Boosted Individuals (UK Study)

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URL list from Monday, Oct. 24 2022

Severe COVID-19 outcomes after full vaccination of primary schedule and initial boosters: pooled analysis of national prospective cohort studies of 30 million individuals in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales – The Lancet


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  1. One of the big problems is that all vaccines after the mid-1980's use adjuvants or chemical sensitizers to allow the vaccine makers to reduce the amount of the expensive cultured material used to create the immunity. Each of the shots given to children each have their own adjuvant… which as a chemical sensitzer makes the recipient more likely to develop an allergic reaction to ANYTHING they are exposed to. Even their own cells. The Gulf War veterans all received about a dozen shots, each with its own adjuvant does, in about a 2 week period… This had been linked to the Gulf War syndrome… And personally I think the number of shots containing adjuvant (chemical sensitizer) given to children in their first 5 years of life is likely the major cause of the increase in autism and other issues over the past 30+ years.

  2. Could it be that the fact that those individuals who were boosted 9 months after infection did well because they had immunity from their infection, and that the 'booster had nothing to do with it?

  3. I am done with these "boosters", the last one I got which was my third Prizer shot, gave me only 300 antibodies, so hardly any immune response, but the good side of it, I had no side effects, and did not drop dead! I have yet to get COVID, even though I have an autoimmune disease and immunocompromised, so I am very careful. Compare that to poor Dr. Been getting COVID four times!

  4. I wonder what the outcome would have been for those infected who didn't take the boosters? They're not being compared, but instead, boosters are being credited for survival months later.

  5. The truth will set you free. Those who know what is going on are free from the confusion, propaganda, and social pressure to follow the herd. The rest will suffer the consequences of their trust in organizations that have a history of killing customers and stealing tax payer dollars by the billions. Wake up!

  6. Please take the boosters because its the same thing. You call it booster lol, I call it taking the same thing that never worked once over and over until it starts doing its real job. Myocarditis please go and check, start questioning the tests that contains ethylene oxide carcinogenic substances poisonous on all tests. Sterilization on alloys is fine, it can't be sterilized on cotton. You are testing without even knowing what to test for, mmm for an unknown virus you seem to know exactly what test to use. Does the benefits really out weigh the risk of testing with poison?

  7. I am sorry but covid has a 99.75% recovery why would anyone in there right mind take a expermental drug that afterv😈 2 years is proving to kill over 40% of everyone taking it…? 0please answer that…???

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