FAIL! Left Wing “Journalist” Targets The WRONG PERSON At A Bar Thinking It Was Andy Ngo! Gets RATIOd


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  1. Benson's little friends in his comment thread like to threaten Andy with physical harm, but also hate guns, I reckon. If I knew these people meant harm, I don't mind shooting in between the eyes.

  2. Jesus;my ex-wife could cry better crocodile tears than Taylor Lorenz,
    but then again she wasn't an entitled,
    spoiled leftivist narcissistic journalist,she was just a pathological liar and narcissist. 🤣

  3. Alright boss… let me keratin ya something. Say “thinking-oh” without any pause where the dash is. Then remove the “think-ee” sound before it.
    That’s how you pronounce Ngo.
    Thanks for the content.

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