FAILED STATE: Nearly Half Of Americans Having “Serious Financial Problems”

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  1. IT's weird people are in desperate need of money, and yet you can't get a dang decent return on savings at all. Best I could do as a pathetic 1.3%, and then they bumped that down to 1%. That's not even worth keeping money in the bank for… which they probably lend out to credit card companies that then lend it out to desperate people at 21% !!!

  2. Canada’s Liberal Party (Trudeau government) is holding it’s national convention in November and there is strong support among the party caucus to adopt a Guaranteed Basic Income as part of the government’s priorities. The NDP and Green Party also support a form of UBI.

  3. Moved to Portland into a new house, costing $2350 in rent per month. My employer let me go without notice and my wife's hours drastically just got cut at her job – we've gone from earning $100K a year to earning $25K or so. I regret moving here from England, Kyle. This country is an absolute joke.

  4. If they stopped propping up the stock market with QE and let all the billionaires lose a lot of equity value. Asset prices would come down and become affordable. This would go along way to solving the inequality problem.

    Raise interest rates and houses would become affordable. It's centrally planned inequality.

  5. I had serious financial problems for 20 years… so… I'm use to it. It's actually very nice seeing all the arrogant snotty formerly employed holier than thou people who had their noses up in the air down on my left for a change. I'm actually loving it. The stigma of being chronically unemployed is no more, at least for a while.

  6. Uhh maybe you guys are taking this corona virus to extremes, i live in a balkan state, 2.8 mill people, everything is back to normal businesses everything opened, we still have around 40-50 new cases per day and maybe 1-2 deaths per week or at least thats what they keep saying in the news, it's all old people in their 60's+ with heavy prior health issues and overall bad health, they all just smoke and drink and poor diet so that contributes to their bad health here, not saying that it makes it okay or anything, but its not like corona has completely dissappeard . As far as masks go, some people wear them most don't, some buildings to enter are required but as far as economy we had to open and its not that serious, there cases reported everyday but life is back to normal.

  7. Third world shithole, I remember when Trump used that term to describe certain black nations. Well America, if the shoe fits don't be enraged when other nations use the term to describe YOU.

  8. In Canada, they have CERB for people who lost income due to covid… CEBA for small business that lost income due to covid… and medicare for all. Recently, there was a huge reduction of canadian household debt… IN THE MIDDLE OF PANDEMIC! My cousin there miss going to work but have no problems staying home to avoid being infected. He doesn’t have to take risk aside from going out to get groceries.

  9. A practical solution where possible would be to stop thinking in me-me-me terms (as you Yanks excel at!) and band together for once. Get some communal land and actually go old school growing food etc. Go off-grid as much as possible. I know it sounds farfetched, but your government literally does not care in the slightest for your well-being (psychopaths can't), so you must care for yourselves.
    What's the alternative at this point? Be homeless and starving, try to rise up against the few, who control your military, or using your brains to solve the problem.
    It's amazing the USA got itself into this corporatocracy! To the few, you are just product; actual cash cows.
    Socialism for the rich, and cutthroat capitalism for the rest.

  10. USA should legalize assisted euthanasia for the poor. It would save people all sorts of trauma over not having food, clothing, medical care or even a roof over their heads. It would eliminate welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, section 8 subsidized housing projects, a large percentage of ab0rtions, a lot of crime, d.rug trafficking and usage. And lower taxes.~
    ~~~Several Eur0pean countries such as Switzerland and Belgium have legalized doctor assisted euthanasia for the elderly, disabled, terminally ill, and in some cases, even just severely depressed people.~
    That is my retirement plan ~
    Also recently Australian euthanasia activist Philip Nitschke and Dutch designer Alexander Bannink invented a "suicide pod". ~ Called the “Sarco”, short for sarcophagus, the 3D-printed machine comes with a detachable coffin, mounted on a stand that contains a nitrogen canister.~
    “The person who wants to die presses the button and the capsule is filled with nitrogen. He or she will feel dizzy, fall asleep, then quickly lose consciousness and die fast and painlessly,” said Nitschke, who has been dubbed “Dr Death” for his work to legalise euthanasia.~
    Asked about the controversy surrounding euthanasia and legal hurdles, Nitschke said: “In many countries suicide is not against the law, only assisting a person to commit suicide is.”“This is a situation where one person chooses to press a button … rather than for instance standing in front of a train.” “I believe it’s a fundamental human right (to choose when to die). It’s not just some medical privilege for the very sick. If you’ve got the gift of life, you should be able to give that gift away at the time of your choosing,” Nitschke said.