Failing Joe Biden faces a shellacking in 2022 | Freddy Gray interview

With Joe Biden’s election, the “adults” were meant to be back in the room. Instead, woke incompetent Democrats have lurched from one disaster to the next. Whether it’s rising inflation or the humiliating Afghanistan withdrawal, the midterm elections are set to be a tough test for the President. To discuss the Biden Presidency Steven Edginton is joined by Freddy Gray in this week’s Off Script podcast. Watch the full video above or listen on your podcast app by searching “Off Script”.

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  1. First question is already answered: "why is Biden so historically unpopular?"

    Is this a right wing channel? Because he isn't 'historically unpopular', Trump has that record.

  2. One may possibly be off the radar in an observation that has occurred about this woke business ; nevertheless it seems woke is obtaining its fuel from both the "right" + the"left" which in themselves only obtain benefits as a hegemonic group that other aspects of society don't

  3. Biden is seriously damaging the right of silver top seniors to be viewed as competent, capable and mentally agile.
    The press never considered age-related mental decline off-limits while Reagan was president.

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