Fake independants dominate in Fake Federal sELECTION results

The Australian 2022 sELECTION, went amazingly well for this fake independant Climate200 unoffical party from nowhere.

Backed by the son of Australia’s first billionaire, Simon Holmes á Court and gullable fools, that donated for his msm endorsed fake independants selection campaign.

These fake independants were put in to push the World Economic Forum United Nations agenda 2030, green new deal and gender equality nonsense.

They are closely linked to the Labor and Greens parties who all preferenced eachother, giving Labor basically 3 dogs in all key Liberal held seats.

They had 23 candidates running and currently it looks like 10 of them will win a seat. 🤔

Democracy is not worth fighting for, this is the sort of crap they push out with these pretend elections.

Freedom is worth fighting for but no government will ever give you freedom, they only can try take it away.


Written by Marty Focker


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  1. Absolute psychotic shills. There's no way these radicals received that many votes. This election has proven there is no such thing as integrity. Our "votes" never counted.

  2. Thanks Marty….crazy hey!
    I was actually shocked in Melbourne, considering the Labor dictatorship over last few years, that alternative parties didn't get results because Liberals have been missing in action…..maybe next time ppl will vote out the duopoly….self serving ????

  3. Two horse party an American style of political advertising is to pay for robo bots in social media Twitter an Biden bots scam is same style used in Australia guarantee

  4. Well Done Marty
    Keep tha Bastarrds on Notice
    Looks like Biden isn't the only surprise Victor at Election time
    Let's Hope more Wake Up before Our Sovereignty gets eroded beyond repair

  5. If you look at every independant that won a seat in the 2022 election and go to their website and look at their policies you will see they are aligned with liberal/labour and the WEF. These are not real independants, these are plants masquerading as independants but will vote in parliament to side with the oppressive globalist agenda's using crises (problem reaction solution) to get more top down control and bring about their new world order.

  6. Next time we have a federal election we should put our freedom minority party signs in front of our house just like those idiotic pathetic greens liberal and labor and stick it up the majors.
    Put the Majors last forever at every election

  7. Only one man in the whole group. Reminds me of Isaiah: "O My people! Their oppressors are children, And women rule over them. O My people! Those who guide you lead you astray And confuse the direction of your paths."

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