Fake News. Channel 7 and Neo-Nazis

A brief look into how Channel 7 interviewed various people and allowed them to make extreme accusations about protestors which went unchallenged.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. Along side ABC, 9 10 and SBS, Channel 7 are pathological liars who have been caught out more times than I have had hours of sleep in my 65 years. Appalling lamestream media. Thanks to you exposing them Sam. Enjoy your coffees on Nala and moi. 🙌

  2. Avi Yemeni did a video where he caught that reporter saying 'the police are acting like Nazi's' but then on the news that night, he told a completely different story.

    I think the video I'm speaking of is still up on Avi's channel

  3. John setka needs to clean up his own cfmeu union there is much to tell on the dirty qld cfmeu delegates to drugs murder bullying and verbal and physical abuse on job sites of non union grandmothers

  4. Disgraceful, she says with a smug and self-righteous tone of voice.
    What is really disgraceful, darl, is the way you and your colleagues lie and spin, when your job is to provide the truth to the public without fear or favour.

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