Fake News LIES About My Viral Post On Bill Clinton, He’s Dirty But They DEFEND Him

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  1. According to the statistics people on the left are racist people on the right or not and on top of that there’s a very very little racism in America compared to other countries There’s only two genders not 50 there’s so many things on the left that are lies and these people believe it very scary

  2. how great would it be if Tim pool could sue for malicious slander and get awarded a hundred million dollars. all this fake news lies would stop in a day

  3. So if we have flight logs. So why are we not rounding up the Gang of pedophiles already? It's almost like it's ok. Why do we have a problem with it.? Smfh

  4. ??? If the Democratic Party is the party of projection…then which POTUS was having sex with their daughter??? ??? Bush had daughters, Clinton has a daughter, Obama has “Daughters” …??? ??????

  5. MSM sick individuals very sick they are the liar networks like ABC NBC CBS CNN MSNBC etc. They are the only virus in town they are disgusting lying pigs

  6. Who ever censored that supports hunan trafficking and pedophiles. You either condone it or condemn it, there is no middle ground. By hiding Tim’s information, they are protecting these criminals

  7. The left has long developed a method of attack that works: They take what you said, change it until it's no longer what you said, and then attack you on it – Chris Plante

  8. This censorship is malicious and deliberate. They want to hide the truth and silence those that they disagree with. It is exactly what the 1st amendment should be there to protect. They don't bat an eye when people threaten political opponents that they disagree with. They don't take down posts that threaten police. The greatest threat to these people is spreading these truths to others in person. Discuss these things with others that you come in contact with. It is time we all get better about discussing politics, best to start today.

  9. You're not going to get anywhere with this legally. Fact is, the way you constructed the sentence leads "has been recorded…" and "now ID'd…" to "as having been on pedo island…". This would lead one to expect that BOTH flight logs AND a witness place Clinton at the island, where, in actuality, it was just the witness, not the flight logs. They are lazy journalists who might be covering for the Clintons, but are technically correct in this case.

  10. They hate women abusers but they love the billy Cocaine Clinton. What's more pathetic a hypocrite or a liar. Times up both make me sick. How can any leftist honestly look in the mirror and like what they see.

  11. Given a choice between bringing down an international paedophile network and bringing down Trump, which do you think the TDS Left would choose? I bet they've been suppressing details for years.