Fake News Media Tries To Paint July 4th Parade Shooter As MAGA



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  1. You keep pushing the shit you're a freaks and we will stand up you're pushing us back in the fucking corner and I'm not threatening anybody but this day will come you keep this stupid shit up we will stand up and won't be long this bullshit is starving us out feeling no fuel trying to take our guns you think of that fucking stupid dude you guys better knock this shit off you guys are a bunch of freaks but it's hoping he'll calm your ass down and knock it off but apparently you're not going to some heads up buddy

  2. As soon as I saw his face I knew he was antifa. Today our democrat governor said that he wants to target “white nationalism” & wants to go after law abiding citizens…smh crazy af!

  3. Funny how the social media companies always wipe the accounts of these scumbags as soon as possible. But had it actually been a right leaning person it would be exploited beyond belief.

  4. He also got tattoos on his face and dressed like a woman. THAT IS NOT A PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP SUPPORTER. That dorky little bastard is obviously a Joe Biden love child. Dip Shits!!!!!!!!!!

  5. All the way from England, does the left's cry of "F the Fourth" mean that they want to return to the British Crown?,cos frankly we've already got too bloody many over here.

  6. I said it from the beginning that this freak was a crazy lefturd but the fake news wanted to blame the right republican party and President Trump.
    Crazy left will always be crazy!

  7. We have a psychotropic pharmaceutical epidemic. It's the common denominator in ALL of these unaliving events. Well that and alphabet agency involvement or foreknowledge of said unaliving events.

  8. All MAGA's was doing on the 4th of July was drinking, BBQing, and drinking. No freedom living person is shooting shit up to help the cause of losing gun rights. This is totally a leftist thing.

  9. This last guy should have put in a job application with slojo before he went chickenpoop crazzzzzzeeeee!
    He would be working fur brandy by now ,now we know not to rush a cross dressing little bitch !!!🆘🆘

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