Family Runs Over Machete Wielding Homeless Attacking Their Car In Seattle



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  1. Both the peeps hitting the car and the individual hit by the car was "mostly peaceful" but I just know that reporter diddnt call the person hit a "man" I mean REEEEEE! Did they assume their gender? REEEEEE!

  2. Of course, the man the woman AND the toddler will be charged with endangering the lives of criminals and BLM will riot on behalf of said criminals.

  3. I guess were going to revert to old school justice of 1870s. Guess I better some rope and stock up on more guns and ammo. Great job government let's do a impression of Weimar Republic. Groan.

  4. Good. It’s my life or yours. I would have taken out some of the others too while I was at it. Forward, reverse, k turn, forward, reverse…. The family should sue the city and police department for failing to act for a crime.

  5. Often disagree with some of your content but as a sub who wants some kind of bloody independent news and as someone that lives in Seattle I would like to point out we cant do alot of the standard measures other cities stand because of state laws preventing the city government from doing much of anything.

    As an example rent control is illegal by state law which has for over 2 decades at this point caused small businesses to be unable to afford to stay open cause alot of the land is owned by companies from out of the city that basically just accelerate prices as high as they can.

    We also have a variety of homeless services that are so high that we literally get seasonal homeless who come in for benefits and then leave when winter comes around because they don't want want to go to the COUNTLESS shelters. Ive looked at some data and many of these shelters have straight up never been filled to full capacity all the while we have a massive tent city crisis as people are unwilling to take the simply rules of

    1. No Pets
    2. No Drugs.
    3. No staying around when its time to leave

    General any place without those rules get filled up with druggies, with pets, unwilling to leave, and then those shelters quickly add those rules.

  6. How do you have 9 or 12 felonies and not be in jail?!?!??? This car guy is a hero. Should have taken some more out. It’s your life or theirs….

  7. IF some one attacks you in your car, which is like your home, You have EVERY Right to defend you and your family. This is why you need a gun. Many years ago, Two girls attack me in my car both got stab by me and had to go to ER and They got in trouble NOT me. I am a woman BTW, A Georgian. I use to keep a head buster stick and a knife in my car because I had to go to Atlanta to take my daughter to Emory & the Children's Health Care of Atlanta. I have up Graded to a 9mm now. Atlanta is a REAL S*** hole now.

  8. 20 year old homeless man!?
    First of all, how is that even a sentence? Literally EVERYWHERE is hiring.
    If your a 20 year old homeless dude and I see you, your not getting Jack from me. These people have gone completely off the rails. Get a freakin job losers!

  9. If you watch a channel on YouTube called “active self protection“ with John Correia, he would basically tell you that this is 110% justifiable self-defense as they were in imminent fear of their lives and they are only deadly force multiplier was their vehicle which they used appropriately

    Also there are no extenuating circumstances here because the couple was trying to get their own property back and that’s not theft