Famine in 2022

Connect A to B to give C, baffles world leaders

(From, Where there is no Doctor by David Verner) (John’s books free download)

Russia and Ukraine, produce 30% of the world’s wheat

Ukraine, provides food for 400 million people

Middle East and Africa

Between 2018 and 2021

People in crisis situations, acute food insecurity up 88%

Now over 139 million

161 million in 2022

Early February, Ukraine

Exporting 4.5m tonnes of food per month

20 million tonnes of grain, currently stuck in Ukraine

Black Sea ports

15% of global corn

67% of global sunflower oil

UN food and agricultural price index

All time high in March

Cereal and meat price also record levels

Last year, Chicago wheat, $674 bushel

Now, $ 1,242

Global food prices 30% up on last year

UN secretary general António Guterres

When war is waged, people go hungry

60% of the undernourished people live in conflict areas


800 million undernourished people

140 million people suffering acute hunger

Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen


44 million people in 38 countries,

at emergency levels of hunger

shortages of grain and fertiliser caused by the war,

warming temperatures,

pandemic-driven supply problems threaten to,

tip tens of millions of people over the edge into food insecurity

Followed by, malnutrition, mass hunger and famine, in a crisis that could last for years

The complex security, economic and financial implications require goodwill on all sides for a package deal to be reached

Let’s be clear: there is no effective solution to the food crisis without reintegrating Ukraine’s food production

Russia must permit the safe and secure export of grain stored in Ukrainian ports

Russian food and fertilisers must have full and unrestricted access to world markets

WFP head David Beasley, US secretary of state Antony Blinken

The world is on fire. We have solutions. We need to act

and we need to act now

greatest global food security crisis of our time

Energy prices, effects fertiliser, farm equipment

António Guterres

There is enough food for everyone in the world
but the issue is about distribution

In our world of plenty,

I will never accept the death from hunger of a single child, woman or man

Neither should the members of this Council.

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. World health say we have to many people and we need to reduce the population they have been working on this for years kill us off anyway they can these things are being managed by world powers in the past food was dump into the sea to maintain the price we should not be surprised by these things food could not be shipped to countries in need as it cost to much to the donors

  2. The root of the problem lies at the centralisation of world's food production to a handful of countries. Any disruption in production leads to sharp decline in supply.
    The solution lies in decentralisation of food production; and diversification of what we grow and eat.
    Going local is where we need to go back to. Of course that means dismantling globalisation, and those handful of global players controlling the chunk of supply. Stock markets might crash and money may become worthless, but food security may be achieved.

  3. 'Sunflower oils' an essential oils LMO!! If there is a food shortage it's due to poor leadership world-wide. But lets take any opportunity to create fear and hate towards Russia.

  4. Guess what there are videos here on HOW to make your own fertilizer! If country's law makes obstacles to making it, change the law! IT IS TRULY THAT SIMPLE!

  5. Lockdowns lockdown lockdowns …. Print print print print print money – the plan of Davos crowd worked – Inflation + people haven't been able to produce food normally – whole global economy has been disturbed – we've been so lied these past 2 year – good job Davos crowd- good job Bill, but no way in hell will anyone ever release a virus from a lab AGAIN!!!! In my eyes biggest shaming goes to Fauchi, whole crowd behind hiding the data about origins of Covid, the dictator Trudeau of Canada, Australia, New Zealand – western values have indeed been tested to a breaking point – but it won't be broken – WE WILL RETAIN OUR FREEDOMS !!!!!

  6. Global leaders as an PMs Presidents are just faces of WEF and their stooges, they CANNOT THINK for themselves, lack common sense and genuine care for people who (we are led to believe) elected them.

  7. Interestingly all the statistics you show is about wheat. If people move away from consuming wheat (may be they have started already) and start consuming locally grown, cereals or rice for eg; then rhese studies don't capture that. And may never be able to capture as these studies rely on macro data.
    That's a limitation of these studies.

    I appreciate you simplifying research papers and wider studies for the masses, but leaving out caveats and limitations may be misleading. Cherry picking and citing certain aspects of studies which support thw arguments you're trying to make; while leaving out counter arguments can leave you with a low grade on your thesis 😊. Please start discussing other side of the argument when discussing subject area outside of clinical public health.

  8. Just like with Covid 2020 this year will be bad with food, but it will be the 2nd and 3rd year that the energy and food shortages will cause the most death. The worst part is it is all man made and 💯 preventable.

  9. Why did nobody think that cutting off existing energy supplies, pulling down power stations, restricting existing / new resources (the banks and investment companies are critical to this as they have purposely destroyed fund raising in energy sector under direction of the likes of Carney), without an appropriate source of energy in place would cause problems? Food relies on energy at pretty much every stage of production and there is a war on energy.

  10. I'm sure the person uttering the term "useless eaters" will be pleased. But then the total shutdown of the world economy was always going to come with the cost of human life. The fallout of the war has not even started. Wait till the harvest season in a month or 2-3. There was a fertiliser shortage before the war. How many farmers will now leave their fields bare? Some British food unions have reported a +90% increase in leaving lands fallow.

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