Famous Journalist RESIGNS After Outlet Censors Biden Scandal, SLAMS The Leftist Censorship In News

Famous Journalist RESIGNS After Outlet Censors Biden Scandal, SLAMS The Leftist Censorship In News. Glenn Greenwald has resigned from the news outlet he co-founded, The intercept.

The publication is very progressive and anti Trump. Glenn Greenwald is a world renowned and famous journalist know for publishing the NSA leaks.

Today Greenwald announced that The Intercept sought to violate his contract by censoring his story covering the Biden scandal. Not only did they try to censor the story outright they refused him the right to publish anywhere else, a right he reserved in his contract.

Very few journalists are left.

Most news outlets act as propaganda arms for the Democratic Party

While Trump certainly has his faults how can we continue if Democrats and joe Biden are allowed to act with impunity and while Donald Trump and republicans get attacked mercilessly by every major news outlet

Read Glenn’s Resignation Letter –


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. 21:00 ANYONE else who had even a hint of what Joe Biden is accused of presently with Ukraine and China would LOSE their security clearance. No questions, no possibility of getting that clearance back. ANYONE with Joe Biden's security risk history wouldn't be able to get a job serving food in a Pentagon cafeteria. If Biden becomes president , then the government and military need to abolish the security classification system as we as a nation are compromised at the highest level.

  2. You've got it backward Tim: the attack on independent journalism isn't opening the door to corruption, it is happening to protect the corrupt who now control large parts of the government. If we don't fight it now we will slide deeper and deeper into the darkness that corruption breeds.

  3. Fake News is strong and protected by the FBI. example? FBI told the big tech companies to block news about Biden that would be coming out. After the election Trump will be firing many in the FBI,DOJ,CIA,NSA, and many from all the rest of the Intel agencies. Hopefully many will be going to jail from the Durham probe that is being halted until after the election by protectors of Treasonous traitors who spied and tried to set up and get rid of Trump.

  4. IF WE LOSE THE FIRST AMENDMENT, they are caught up in an overreach that must be VIGOROUSLY PUSHED BACK ON ! They have never RESTORED any rights they were able to purloin !

  5. The deep state is simply congealing to encompass all media. The deep state is CIA, FBI, Dem party, Hollywood, Big Tech… get ready citizens. The Great Reset is coming and most of us laypeople are not invited.

  6. Tim you've missed the point of the left's attack on Pres Trump is about; the corruption, pedophilia, election fraud, international gov't cash stolen by polititians and govt employees and appointees. Like the Biden, Clintons, Obamas, Bush, etal.

  7. Major props on this video and your support to journalists’ such as Project Veritas. It’s vital that journalists such as you and the others you have supported in this video are the true investigators of truth on behalf of the people. I thank all the true journalists continue to follow suit and uphold our unalienable right of the first amendment.

  8. I would really, really like to know exactly how this happened. The Intercept is only a few years old, and was founded to do reporting exactly like this. Who was compromised in management, and how? There's something seriously rotten here.

  9. Can we give him Chris Wallace’s job? Chris Wallace should be shunned from society in disgrace- I don’t understand why everyone is giving him a pass for what he did at the debate.

  10. 2020 is a battle of the soul of US. Trump is the catalyst. He draws out all the fires towards him and exposed all the rot that has been festering for decades.