Famous Leftist Biden Voter DENOUNCES Biden, Says She Regrets Voting For Him, SLAMS “Totalitarianism”

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  1. "Did anyone bother to do the research?" In this case, the "research" was as simple as watching the debate a listening to Biden's words. Joe Biden promised us a cold, dark winter during the debates. Surprise!!!

  2. I saw several of those "Trumpgret" posts on the front page of reddit… literally every one of them was fake. Their post history always betrayed them.

    I'm sure some people, somewhere, regretted voting for Trump, but the Trumpgret thing was basically just astroturfing.

  3. What you said about "no die-hard trump supporters" watch you unless it is "hate watch"
    That's not true. I'm very much a Trump supporter. But I watch you because you are the only "honest liberal" out there. I often disagree with you on certain takes. But at least you are factual. Unlike most liberal sources
    Respect for that

  4. Do you really still think covid was just a natural occurrence!!! That just happened to be the only reason trump didnt landslide and accomplished on every level what elites wanted beyond their wildest dreams.

  5. Fellow youtubers, what websites should I go to to read up on Joe's policies? I feel like the only place I hear about them is the youtube channels I follow and podcasts. I usually dislike reading articles from major media outlets because of how vague they are. They don't actually talk about the specifics of the policy, they just say something like "it's going to combat climate change".
    That bill that had recently been passed, the 5000 page one has made me even more uneasy about how these policies just slip by. I want to know what he's actually doing, how his policies work.

  6. The idea of people coming together and having unity is a waste of time it's never going to happen even dislike for Biden is not people coming together

  7. Democrats think that attacking their ideas is an attack on them. People are NOT what they believe. For example, if a person had their mind wiped except for language, they are not a different person with a different name. People are not what they believe. Showing evidence that disproves a belief is not showing evidence for the nonexistence of the believers. Everyone should seek truth and be glad when shown that a change in beliefs is wise.

  8. Tim, HOW do you “do your homework” on Joe Biden, a 47 YEAR DO NOTHING POLITICIAN with a track record of LYING? The only thing you can AND SHOULD EVER DO with a person like this is NEVER VOTE FOR THEM

  9. No what we do to these people is shame them humiliate them, make them feel like fools, make them feel bad about themselves. As you said yourself "they aren't playing by the rules" and neither should we

  10. The major difference between Trump and Biden's adminastration is this, during Trump, the Republicans didn't have enough numbers to often try to get Trump's agenda through, thus why he was limited in what he could accomplish. But under Biden, we have Democrat majority nearly everywhere. As long as the Democrats continue to support him, Biden can basically do what ever he wants. And with how Authoritarian we've seen the Dems become, this is pretty bad.

  11. Nope. I'm sorry but these people vilified the right, pissed on democracy, and profited from it. They don't get to come crawling over to this side against Biden. Losing is one thing but losing only to find out nobody is fucking happy about the outcome of such fuckery? Hell to the fucking no. I will be making sure to remind these regretful Biden voters to fucking smile, they won, so they better fucking celebrate because all this shit better of been worth something to somebody.

  12. someone asked me who i was going to vote for, i said what's the difference, they are all the same to me, they lie cheat and steal their way into their job then people are surprised that's how they do their job. They will tell you what they think you want to hear because that's how they get their paycheck

  13. No Tim i do blame the ppl. I was one of those union democrats as late as 2018. Then i noticed the stuff they were saying wasn't adding up so i done my own research. And realised i was being lied to and all the left was doing was spewing lies and hate. No trump wasnt perfect by any means but compared to biden hes was doing a oustanding job for OUR country.

  14. Don't want the shot? Check out The Church of Christian Scientists. You can get application online. Not that the constitution will protect you but it is still so far insulation.

  15. I do not think we should bash people like Dr. Wolf, however i will not Thank those who voted in Biden out of ignorance and stupidity. Furthermore in the case of Dr Wolf she did know and hear about these issues and fears given her involvement in politics and she called those saying such things lairs and conspiracy theorists, she is not deserving of thanks or even your time and she should be ignored and left to her own thoughts.

  16. I'm glad to hear some morons are coming to their senses but I would imagine they knew well ahead of casting their vote that Biden would be a disaster. However if they are regretting it now, just give it 6 months to a year and see how it feels when the rest of them realize there's no going back now. America is lost. The UAE ?? treat their citizens better than us since we lost our Constitution. You should look it up, it'll are you sick to your stomach