Famous Rapper, Sports Legend, And NEWSPAPER All Endorse Trump For Reelection

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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if more celebrities come out to endorse him (particularly from Hollywood) not because they genuinely believe in him, but because they know their gravy trains (again, particularly from Hollywood) are derailing themselves at breakneck speed thanks to all the virtue signaling, X-swapping, and terrorist supporting they've all been doing for a while now. Therefore, what do they have to lose? Only the most stupid of them at this point stick with it as hard as they have been.

  2. The way Tim talked about the transpacific partnership, and then taxing the hell out of businesses would actually FORCE a ton of businesses to move their manufacturing overseas in order to remain profitable. That would be bad for so many Americans in the short term, and ALL Americans in the long term.

  3. So many famous people want to come out and support President Trump days from election. Where were yall for the past 4 years? KW has been getting beat trying to help his community and now that something is actually happening here they all come out of the woodwork so they can get a popularity boost.

  4. Tim, I don't get your ragging on newspapers for endorsing a candidate (or anything else) . . Why would you WANT them to conceal such a disposition/preference if they have it? . ? . . You don't actually believe people are tricked into thinking you are impartial about this stuff, just because you can robotically recite some "on the other hand" BS, do you? . . ; )

  5. The auto industry can't come back when majority of Americans rather buy Japanese and German cars than American cars. That's first and foremost. Nobody wants American cars, not even Americans. It's pretty sad that the American Dream is to have a Swiss watch and an Italian car.

  6. Celebrity endorsements don’t move the needle for me. However, if they are working in the communities to make things better: that gets my applause. I’d really prefer if they’d pool their money to create a philanthropy to help people rather than send it to a candidate’s/politician’s campaign fund to buy “air”.

  7. Just like celebrities who trash Trump, celebrities that endorse Trump are just as useless. Anyone who listens to a celebrity on who to vote for should be bared from voting.

  8. 6:37 this is the stuff that Nancy Pelosi famously said “will have to pass the bill before you can see what’s in it“ I don’t know about you but I don’t trust it immediately because of that.

    And come to find out that the TPP corporations can supersede national law and sue America and its people because we passed some ordinance or law that would infringe upon some corporations profits, I don’t think so Joe Biden and Democrats .

  9. So last election no one came out in support of Trump. Now that he's had a chance to prove himself, and didn't start world war 3 like the Dems said he would, he's finally gaining celebrity support.

  10. I totally agree with you on the newspaper endorsement of political figures. We the people need/require news that's is as non biased as possible. And don't forget true. Mostly footage should be raw, and commentary should only offer statistics"in full context" and factuall information, like location, individuals identity, possible motive if stated in some evidence somehow. We don't need the opinion of a pretty face on the screen. We need raw footage with basic info. We're adults and there is absolutely no evidence for superiority of mind amongst anchors compared to the general public. The bell curve exists in all facets of life. We know what propaganda is, and we don't like it when we see it.

  11. Democrats have seriously underestimated the intelligence of Black America. If it doesn’t cost them dearly this election, it will in the next. The new woke is realizing the harm that can be done by the far left.

  12. The media has been endorsing Biden since he announced he was running.
    They don't have to say it just look at their actions and the way they report the so called news……

  13. The President has the right to "tweet" and "tweet" anything he wants……. get over it! What, does the President lose freedoms/rights as an American citizen by becoming President!? This is just another form of the WHINY BS rampant in this Country these days! Everyone "has an opinion" about EVERYTHING and people need to go back to keeping their mouths shut and staying out of other peoples business! God I miss when all everybody was concerned with was whatever was happening in your own town and maybe State (mainly during elections etc.)!! We didn't care whether or not Joe Blow from some other part of the Country liked the President or not! We had better things to concern ourselves with…….. LIKE LIVING/LOVING GOD, LIFE, AMERICA, FAMILY, FAMILY VALUES, ETC.!

  14. Every conservative value resonates strong within the black community. I hope rest of people on the right start understanding that we can also do outreach to the Muslim community. They are overwhelmingly in support of all conservative values. On religion, family, abortion, etc.