Fanos Rises Up in Melbourne. 6.11.21

Fanos delivers a powerful and heartfelt speech to tens of thousands of Melburnians in front of Parliament House.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. when dr robert malone the ''inventor'' of mrna technology said ''this should never be injected into the human body ever'' that alone should have rang alarm did for me..i will never take the kill shot ever.

  2. We Are Rising Up & They Are Falling

    Protesting is still Our greatest form of defense,

    because protesting will always find it's way to the truth*

    & there is truth in this picture*

  3. I was one of the stolen generation I lost 11yrs of my rights

    and Freedom's and 30yrs on I'm still paying for it,

    We were used as lab rats we were spoon fed medicines & pills

    also given injections & blood taken several times a year,

    & there is noway i'll be a lab rat again so hold on tight to your kids

    & trust me when I say hold onto your Freedom's

    live free stay free because if you lose it you will never get it back again*

  4. Keep fighting People,we 🇳🇱 🇳🇱 🇳🇱🙏support you,we will win,❤️💪The government Dictators will Bleed for what they have done,Stay away from our children with your paws,we are getting bigger and stronger every day.💪🇳🇱💪🇳🇱💪🇳🇱

  5. After the protests, any results yet? I dont believe their listening. You need to mobilize these people and chase off the globalists and their supporters off from your shores. Until that time nothing will change!!!

  6. Seriously!!! What did the government expect , the longest strictest lockdown in the world. Then the Bill that gives a Dictator ultimate power over people. What did you expect, flowers and chocolates?? You are a goner, one way or another Democracy will be restored. Well done Melbourne.

  7. Apparently the government has decided that regional transport is to be shut down today, possibly so people can't make it into the city …. wake up people this is BULSHIT ….

  8. Stop the jab no more experiments they killing us Queensland NSW and WA using schools for jabing children, our future teenagers been poisoned we don't want a sick nation relying on poison from Pfizer

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