Far Left Swedish Prime Minister Admits Mass Immigration DISASTER

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Written by Lauren Southern


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  1. No sponsor today, and of course video demonetized lol. Many thanks to my Subscribestar members and all of you that make those algorithm buttons go BRRRRRRRRRRRR

    Hope you're all well today, especially my Swedish followers 👀

  2. It wasn't just "radical" muslims. There were even elderly women, mothers and their very young children throwing rocks at police. The moderate muslims will switch sides as soon as the radicals reach a large enough population. An islamist party is likely to gain enough votes to enter parliament in this year's election.

  3. In 2019 Sweden with a population of around 10 million recorded 8,000 rapes and 280 bomb/grenade attacks – gang rapes are common and Swedes left urban areas in their droves because it was no longer safe to bring up their families there…..!
    The Swedish prime minister actually said in March 2021 that multiculturalism had failed and that they were done with immigration – strange how its only becoming public now…!

  4. So basically the female Prime Minister of Sweden is saying that the people of Sweden haven't tried hard enough to welcome immigrants, and that is why Sweden now has such bad societal problems. Also, I'm pretty sure the prime minister lives in an all white surrounding, with 24/7 security, but she probably feels that most of her fellow countrymen are racist.

  5. He literally burned what Muslims believe and know to be Allah. The equivalent would be someone burning the actual Jesus Christ of Nazareth or alighting the Holy Book of the Sikhs.

    Jesus Christ is God (part of the trinity).

    The Sikhs Holy Book is what they revere as their God has no name and no form.

    The Qur'an is the word of Allah spoken through the prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

    You best believe Sikhs would use their ceremonial daggers to maim anyone who attempted to disrespect the closest analogue they have for their God. And proper Christians today would not hesitate to give up their life for Christ if He was burned by bigots.

    Muslims today demand respect for Allah. Having some secular loser feel frightened is ideal. Being disrespectful toward Allah is unnecessary and therefore unnecessary violence seems like a reasonable response. Fire does not put out fire but eventually every fire is snuffed out by time. Who will be standing in the ashes? Who will be the ashes? Who will be the spark in the breeze? Surely not petty, selfish, and worldly people but God, Allah, Brahman, Tao, and Dharma.

    Read the Qur'an if you wish to know why this occurred. Without such context, commentary is functionally useless.

  6. I miss the days of Asatru. There is no way in hell this would happen if that was still around. Back then, the absolute mad lads of Scandinavia would ravage an entire country to the brink of collapse for this kind of stuff…

    May Odin save our souls…

  7. This is why you DONT WANT A MULTICULTURAL MULTIRACIAL society….. How can anyone look at America 400 yrs later and with a straight face say…. "diversity seems to work very well in America"

  8. Lauren, you are correct and, as you said, you know it. The ideologies of present-day Europe will not permit European governments to understand the severe consequences of uncontrolled mass immigration. So, countries who permit unchecked mass (and illegal) immigration will come a cropper sooner or later. The people of those assailed countries tend to be complacent about it all until the consequences become unbearable.

  9. I like how the people who've been calling this out for years have been demonized by the left and right media, and haven't been on YT for years. Lauren I know you have to cuck to stay on YT, you know damn well people to the right of you are and were right. You know they're effective which is why they're banned in most places, and you know they're replacing White people wherever they live.

  10. Going to a popular chain gym for the last year that has a big weight room and basketball court in a major Canadian city we have our own problems.Taking my earbuds out for the odd pairs of white kids coming out of the basketball court I heard the same theme a few times,they won’t let us play.About a month ago I went into the locker room to get ready for a workout and was shocked at what I heard.There was an Asian man in the same portion of the locker room that heard it as well.A very well spoken dark man walks in from the basketball court and starts talking his shoes off.Another dark man carrying a basketball walks in and starts ranting to the other basketball player about Ukrainian’s and I will quote him’ I don’t give a shit,if it was up to me all white people should be killed’.I thought about grabbing my phone and recording this 5 minute rant and I looked at the Asian and he was as uncomfortable as I.The ranter I thought had a South African accent but I am no expert.The weirdest thing about it both of the two had absolutely no problem being racist in front of me or the Asian man.I reported to the gym cleaning lady on shift and thought about reporting it to the manager on duty but I know I would be the racist for saying something.All this tolerance that was pushed on us in the last 40 years on Canadian’s didn’t seem to matter to me after I saw and heard that in a locker room.

  11. My biggest fear are happening sooner than later. I've always said that you aren't going to recognize some of these countries in Europe in the "distant" future. Looks like it might not be so far off.

  12. This only came about because of female thought patterns – it was all based on 'feelings' from the beginning. The so called "patriarchy" would never have let this happen. That's what happens when intellects are switched off.

  13. If I learned anything to past 8 years or so, it's that people ultimately belong in their own lands. No, that isn't "racist." That's just me acknowledging that cramming many different cultures under the same roof is a recipe for disaster. Not saying there can't be some VERY MINOR immigration, but there needs to be strict rules, regulations, and limits. European cultures are all compatible with each other. Muslim culture is not not compatible with Christian culture. That's just reality.

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