Far Leftist Just Shot A Driver For No Reason At Defund Police Rally, It’s Getting Insane

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  1. Far left extremism was promoted by the entire Mainstream Media!
    How come the MSM is not guilty for HATE SPEECH at this point?
    CNN talks about "white people" like they are roaches to be killed!
    Remember Rwanda people?
    do NOT give your weapons away!


  3. Fox did share Video. Conservative Internet channels, are Shareing the Secret Crimes too. But need Mainstream to Stop Protecting Left wing.July 4 is, Fight Back Day.

  4. Not sure if you'll see this comment, Tim, but one aspect of this story you should know about is that the mayor of Provo is currently running for Lieutenant Governor on the ballot with John Huntsman, a progressive Republican and outspoken never-Trumper. The Utah Republican primaries ended yesterday (the election was done entirely by mail) and I would very much like to know if Mayor Kufausi ordered the police not to break up this protest (the Provo police station is literally four blocks away). These people are sick!

  5. This happened only a few miles from my home. It concerns me more than most because up until now, these riots have not been so close to home. I have opposed the riots and so-called "peaceful protests" for not being what they claim to be, and do my best to stand against them, but with the way the public is afraid of the current health crisis, doing so is not easy. Utah county, also sometimes called Utah Valley, of which Provo is the county seat, is a strong conservative group of communities. Both of the arrests were from activists living in other Utah counties, Salt Lake and Weber respectively. Salt Lake City, our capital, has swung far toward communist philosophy, and I'm concerned that Ogden, the county seat of Weber, is heading in the same direction. It is for material like this that keeps me watching Tim Pool.

    Thank you for this, Tim. You are an invaluable resource for news commentary.

  6. 1,200 extra police?? does that sound like defunding to anyone else? Funny how those IDIOTS want to take funding from IMPORTANT infrastructure, like the police, but then DEMAND that department beef up to protect the public.

  7. No Tim this is what happens when you tell citizens of a nation that the lives of one race or more valuable than the lives of other races. They'll believe it and start killing people belonging to the race they're being told isn't valuable.

  8. I live in taylorsville Utah I have family in provo this is terrifying just bought a bullet proof vest and I recommend everyone reading this does the same protect yourself and the ones u love

  9. TFW I learn about a shooting 5-10 minutes from where I live here.

    Provo police are super good, no idea what people are protesting here for let alone shooting people, but I definitely do not feel safe here anymore.

  10. Despite what the polls say, my intuition tells me that Biden has zero percent chance of winning and that Trump is going to win by the most jaw-droppingly gargantuan landslide in history. (I'm not American or an expert on US politics, however – this is just an intuition, for what it's worth) 😀

  11. Tim ironically advertised a VPN,WEREN'T YOU A HACKER robbing inocent peoples personal betails, what do they say tim,poacher becomes gamekeeper, shoplifter becomes store detective, Tim you were I thief, a wrong un a badboy, how many innocent peoples lives did you ruin by stealing there private details tim??

  12. Wow that guy got lucky he did get his ass shot back. I am from Utah and the majority of people here own guns and many people dont carry because its its normally very safe

  13. I saw this video the other day, absolutely grotesque. I try to cover events around the World but right now it's difficult to find anything as crazy as what happens in the streets of the US…

  14. It's called nutbars taking adadvantage of current situations to indulge in their sociopathic behavior. Probably has nothing to do with any "cause". Kind of like the movie the purge.(although I've never actually seen it, I understand the premise. )

  15. Hit the gas hard and BLM will say that person was wrong….. I would have to kill anyone with my car if they pointed a gun at me and not be sorry about it.

  16. Do you have small children, nieces, nephews, cousins, grand-children? Have a look at them now or envision these innocent human beings that you are lucky to have in your life. You are their first line of defense against rapists, pedophiles and sex traffickers. Their second line of defense is the police. If you support the defunding of the police, people like Epstein will more easily get away. Think also about how victims of domestic violence a l will have no one to call. How many men will feel empowered to kill their partners? These people pushing for police defunding are anarchy / chaos lovers and will not come to rescue you, children or women in times of danger.

  17. I call it the point of consequence if these state governors and mayors wont act against these people then they should stand down as incompetent leaders of a state and except full blame for lawless killings committed under their watch

  18. How insane is this that Utah, one of the most peaceful, Milquetoast states in the union has suffered such violence during riots.

    Makes it so America in general isn't safe, not just the leftist hellholes.

  19. These people are out raising hell because there is apparently no law anymore unless you are defending yourself then they want to press charges

  20. jesus dude, this is not a "leftist" problem. No one is defending him. If some pedophile. mass shooter, or lunatic is white or black, or female, or jewish or christian we don't conclude "this is a problem with Jews [or blacks, or women]. He's just some shithead who did a bad things. Learn to separate individuals from "groups". A group didn't just shot a driver, some guy did.