Far Leftists Attack CHILDREN At “Jews For Trump Rally” In new York, NO Biden Will NOT Stop This

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  1. I had no idea the Third Reich "won" WW2. Either that or The Leftist Cultists were ALREADY the monster they claim to hate, but the mask fell off. Look man, if people are not doing clearly stupid and dangerous things, leave them alone. Would The Leftist Cultists like strangers told them how to live their lives? As Ambassador Mollari from Babyon 5 would say, "If you do not bother them, they (the Minbari) will not bother you". Good advice from a TV show.
    Bitchute comment.

  2. Tim Pool, About 3 weeks ago in CA there was a Rally for a woman who was running for Congress and Trump supporters were there, BLM activists drove by and threw eggs at children. You can find it on You Tube.

  3. It’s the ultimate goal to overthrow the United States ??!
    “The destruction of America will be the crowning achievement of my life’s work.”
    Google it.

  4. Those nutjobs throwing rocks at moving vehicles are using deadly force. A thrown rock at a moving vehicle can, and does, kill the occupants. Of course this is NYC so if they dared shoot their attackers, the leftist DA would turn them into the criminal.

  5. "His actions in office have been utterly unacceptable." — Oh, like what, brokering peace between several Middle Eastern countries? Taking the first step in prison reform? Bringing long-term funding to Historically Black Universities and Colleges? Bringing funding to organizations helping human trafficking victims? Wanting to end the war in Afghanistan? Paving the way for terminally ill citizens to try medical treatments from other countries? Gee, Trump is such a demon.
    Trump doesn't instill fear in many Americans. The MEDIA instills irrational fear in many Americans.

  6. I've always hated the government period but when shit like this happens over freedom of speeching , I really do want the left to start the civil war after trump wins … cuz I'm ready to throw down