Far Leftists Tear Down Thomas Jefferson, Trump Was Right And This Attack On America Will Reelect Him

Far Leftists Tear Down Thomas Jefferson, Trump Was Right And This Attack On America Will Reelect Him. While they may claim its an uprising or revolution, the far left is helping Trump much more than they could realize.

Democrats in the Pacific Northwest have been defending far left rioting in such a way that one would be daft to believe this isn’t helping Trump.

Recently in portland far left rioters toppled a statue of Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s greatest Hero’s and quite possibly a world hero.

Trump predicted this, he said in 2017 how long until Antifa and the far left start pulling down statues of Jefferson and Washington?

These riots are now an attack on everything it means to be an American, something we can only assume will shock your average citizen.

Perhaps this is why Trump and Republicans had the biggest fundraising day ever this past week raising over 14 million dollars.

The far left revolution is not a fight for social justice or equality, its an accidental Trump reelection campaign happening all over the country. And as police resign and Democrats call for us to abolish the police or defund the police the outcome seems predictable.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. I voted Trump in 16 & will vote Trump this time around. I'm not happy with his handling of the riots, in my opinion he needs to step up.
    But there is no way I'm wasting my vote on Biden.

  2. i personally don't like trump, but biden is orders of magnitude worse.

    so if i were allowed to vote would i vote for trump.

    but i live in sweden so i don't really have to care and i have no way of changing USA

  3. Recall the polls in 2016 that made people believe Trump had zero chance of defeating Clinton? One permanent characteristic of the Left is that they follow the SAME PLAYBOOK literally and consistently ALL THE TIME, even when doing so is self-defeating. The Left is pushing people into the Trump camp. If it was shocked and in disbelief after the 2016 election their heads will explode after the 2020 election. As poor a candidate as Hillary was in 2016 Joe Biden is at least 10 times (or more) worse.

  4. Tim, there is NO WAY that Trump loses to Joe Biden. The Dems know this which is why they keep him stuck in the basement. There is no way that the Dems will allow Biden to debate Trump. Trump would demolish him. Use your knowledge and common sense instead of believing manipulated poll data. The polling companies have to generate polls to produce income. The propaganda media has to produce anti-Trump stories to stay in business. It's not pollsters or the media who elect the President. It's the American people, and there are more of us who are sane and rational than there are insane and irrational, at least as of 2020. But with our colleges and universities cranking out more morons every year the future doesn't seem very auspicious beyond Trump's presidency. How many billionaires would volunteer to subject themselves to the vicious attacks and measly income the Presidency involves? Trump is unique and we won't see his like for a long time, if ever.

    I voted for McCain and Romney because they were the lesser of two evils compared to Obama. Honestly, I don't know if either of these RINOs would have been less incompetent or had fewer failures than Obama. I did not vote for the 'lessor of two evils' only twice: once for Ronald Reagan and once for Donald Trump. Reagan crushed the Soviet Union. Trump will crush the Deep State and China if he is elected for another 4 years.

  5. If george washington was time traveled to this present day, hed start lecturing on why slavery was necessary because of this

    Take some time and process that

  6. This is an overgeneralization, I don't believe all rioters are doing this due to left-leaning ideologies. Whenever riots occur you always have people looking to exploit it. Not everyone on the left thinks like this but if this is the type of thing that gets Trump reelected then go for it, although, I'd rather you elect a politician who genuinely looks out for the interests of the people. Tim, you can't seriously believe the idiot who thinks disinfectants can be used to cure COVID-19 should have a high amount of support. You shouldn't vote for stupid. Vote for a conservative if you must but please, not Trump.

    I remind you, this all happened under Trump's watch. Why do you want the president who isn't putting the fire out? Why would you want the president who hides after he makes it worse? You don't have to vote democrat but for the love of God, don't vote stupidly.

  7. Go back to Obama era and the horrific cultural destruction of Iraq’s heritage by ISIS. These “protesters” in US now are no better than ISIS.


  9. Bruh, they lit afire and tore down an ELK statue/fountain in oregon. They have no fuqs and no education, this is purely an attempt at destruction of the "system".

  10. I hate Trump and the way he's handling things, but you gotta admit he was right about the far left, twisted people they are. They're not even Democrats anymore

  11. Well fine then let's tear down MLK and MJ and any other black monument or plaque let's be fair here people prove ur not racist cause I know this has nothing to do with police brutality I mean c'mon now u people trying change world it ain't happening get over it all is BS

  12. no matter who is pres next term, this isn't about poliltics, these folks most of them are on drugs, have no job, dropped out of school at an early so all they look forward to is when is my next fix instead of thier next meal, and congress knows it but know one else does but they won't dare mention it on tv oh no no way, they'll have you believe its politics you morons.

  13. How is it a presidential candidate refuses to be interviewed by Chris Wallace?
    You want to be the leader of the free world and you won’t answer unscripted questions! Yeah, that’s a leader there alright! Scary folks!

    You ok with this?

  14. If you like what you see with Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NY, Detroit, St.Louis, LA, Atlanta, SF, Philadelphia, then vote for Biden!
    All democrat states

  15. A comment of mine was just deleted for stating facts.
    I was not cursing
    I was not using inappropriate language
    I was simply stating the FACT that Thomas Jefferson was the primary author of the declaration of independence, a document which is responsible for the freedom of all modern Americans.