Farage Demands Action As Home Office Gives Up On Border Controls

A new daily record has been hit for illegal boat migrants crossing the English Channel, with Brexit leader Nigel Farage warning the United Kingdom should stop waiting for France to solve the migrant crisis and start getting tough like Australia.

The Home Office confirmed, according to LBC on Friday, that UK Border Force and other authorities had intercepted or picked up 853 migrants who crossed the Channel on Wednesday in 25 separate instances, higher than the last daily record of 828 set on August 21st.


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Written by Andre Walker


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  1. When are we going to stop paying the French for doing nothing when it is actually THEIR job to strengthen their borders They should not be getting paid by us. That is outrageous, especially as they are doing s.. all. We should be asking for refunds not giving anymore money. I do not understand why Patel keeps paying those French. It is not our job to stop the people-traffickers in France. That is Macron's duty.

  2. I have an asthma check-up at the Doctor's tomorrow. This is a different branch of the Doctors than the one near me who does not really see people in person. I have to go across town to get the check-up and I also had to have a Covid test today before I could go to the appointment. It was negative but I have already had my 2 shots plus the booster shot and not had a sign of the Covid-19. I am wondering whether the Doctor near me will ever open to live people again.

  3. The problem apart from the inept attitude of Boris he is the main problem here but it is all starts in France where they come from and France has just got to behind all these immigrants either supplying or certainly behind the availability of these rubber boats

  4. I’ve said this so many times this country will be a Muslim run state , a d we all know what that means to our grand and great grandchildren,. In fact it is a frightening what could happen, all religions would be outlawed churches etc pulled down . Are all these young male immigrants the advance army coming here and the rest of Europe . Just think about it

  5. I think Priti Patel has demonstrated that she is not pretty useless, She us totally useless! The Tories have an eighty seat majority and have done nothing to change the asylum and benefits rules. Just turn the magnet off.

    It’s is time illegal entry to the UK in enforced as a criminal offence.

  6. The UK government has no intention of stopping the channel crossings because it has been determined that you will lose your country as we once knew it, just look at the US southern border as a parallel. Why do think they had to get rid of Trump? Do you remember Build back Better???

  7. There is an official belief that I (an ordinary British citizen) care about the welfare of the "refugees" floating across the channel.
    Let me make it plain. I do not.
    I care that they land on these shores, and I would prefer that they did not – whatever intervenes to thwart them.

  8. All these different ethnic groups will fight each other for supremacy. At the moment the white British are the glue that is keeping the peace. Once we are the minority the cohesive glue will be gone.

  9. Makes me ashamed to be british. Boris is a total joke! The country needs people like Nigel, sadly Andre nobody gives a damn about the silent majority, too busy being PC and woke. I don't understand how Boris is still in office? Too many people in this country show total in difference to what is happening to our once great country. Yet London is full of the so called Extinction protesters! What are they protesting about, our country has already been sold out. The people that reviled Enoch Powell should be hanging their heads in shame, he has been proved right. I fear for my children's and grandchildren's future, this is not the same country any more. Woke and PC rules, decency, honesty and being proud to be British is long gone, thanks to the weak and ineffectual leaders we have had over the last few decades. What total betrayal to all the British people who fought and died in two world wars for our freedom.

  10. And with the influx from the east via Poland and Hungary this week, France will have even more takers for a £5,000 trip across the channel to EASEY TOUCH BENNEFIT BRITAIN !. Not until these illegal migrants come and live on the same street at all MPs and all members of the Lords will things change.

  11. well, i think they should try expanding the medical provision of the British army… blow that budget up.. and see if they can recruit more army docs… if they can reduce civilian NHS as that happens… eventually make the NHS military service. That should never be an excuse to treat health workers badly though.. but we do need a higher level of comitment and service than I think we can get from some of them in the civvy sector… in exchange of being in a military NHS.. the workers obviously should get 100% of their education and costs paid for… so the idea might be.. for example, young guy/girl…. decides they want to be a doc at age 18-20… (the usual case) … sees the career they want… signs up for 25 years service.. 25k training salary… 50k working salary… rising to 65k max.. so say they become a full qual doc age 25-27… thats age 50-55 by the time service is complete… good pension. Plenty of cooling off period during training, but with financial burdon for training if they leave.

  12. the reason co2 is going up is because billions and billions of people who used to cycle to work in fields are now buying cars… smartphones.. and driving to factories to make the things we buy in the west. lol.

    Take a desert nation… lets say.. on west coast of Africa.. or even Aus.. build loads of nuc power stations near their coast (with international money)… purify sea water with the energy.. and mass pump in land.. grow masss and masses of bio fuel crops in their deserts.. then process into bio fuel.. then distribute to power global industry. At the same time pump serious money into researching safer nuc reactors like thorium. Its the only way to win.. just saying cut cut cut… thats not going to do it.

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