Farage reacts to Tory Leadership.

There is only one candidate prepared to complete a proper Brexit…

Written by Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage is a British politician, leader of The Brexit Party, broadcaster and political analyst.Farage began his career in 1982 as a commodities trader at the London Metal Exchange and ran his own metals brokerage firm after working at Credit Lyonnais Rouse and Drexel Burnham Lambert. He left a successful career to go into politics after the Conservative party signed the Maastricht Treaty, which advocated “ever closer union” between European nations.In June 2016, Farage was a leading figure in the campaign to leave the EU. This gained him the name “Mr Brexit” by the then candidate to the US presidency Donald J Trump whom he came to support at a Mississippi rally in 2016. Nigel Farage was one of the very few that predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential elections.He has provided political analysis for Fox News channel and is the host of LBC's The Nigel Farage Show.


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  1. Nigel Garage, instigator of Brexit financial disaster now advertising wealth management after causing the problem in the first place. What a hypocrite!. For you Brexiters with low IQ you can look that word up in a thing call a dictionary, and while you are at it look up sovereignty at the same time.

  2. 📣The Honorable Nigel Farage,
    Prime Minister Representing the United Kingdom and various assorted smart chaps bent on protecting the future of the Isle and Lands, Territories and Possessions of the English people.🎯

  3. Nigel, the Human Rights lawyer, Ivon Sampson has said in court that ECHR rulings are 'advisory not binding'. While Raab says the 'British Bill of Rights' will allow us to ignore the court. What is the actual situation?

  4. Not only we may not end up with a proper Brexit, but might end up with an irresponsible warmonger that will carry on feeding a war by proxy in Ukraine, if not, even worse, trigger a global war….

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