Farage sends warning to UK Conservative Party

Farage sends warning to UK Conservative Party
The Duran: Episode 1443



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  1. Farage ran for parliament seven times without success. He has zero chance of getting significant numbers of people elected from a new party. As far as I remember the only MPs UKIP had were defectors. The only reason he had success in the referendum was because the Brexit cause had backers in the media. He was given huge amounts of air time by the BBC (despite he and his party being irrelevant) . Your Corbyn bashing is also inaccurate but that's a different story. (Incidentally I voted for Brexit, I am not being partisan, just honest).

  2. Actually Alex there are Four Ukraine's !!
    1) The Ukranian Armed Forces ! Training and health and needs are the Top Priority of the West. This is the core group (including neo-Nazis) which is helping NATO to conduct its Proxy War against Russia and undermine Russian power. Therefore, Uniforms & winter clothing, Food, Fuel, Ammo, Arms, Training for this group are top priority. DIRECT Highly Motivated Support by the West, without any corruption. Because they know this Group is precious for Western geopolitical aims of defeating Russia and doing regime change eventually.
    2) The bureaucrats and those associated with Western aid supplying groups.. the civilian agents of the West in Ukraine.. they too are high priority.. well fed living in best localities.. little impact of War.
    3) Elites who have emigrated abroad with connivance or with help of foreign relatives or based on personal wealth. They too are safe and sound.
    4) It is the fourth group who are bearing the brunt of the Conflict. Poor with dropped incomes unable to provide for food or shelter needs in the Winter. They are the most impacted but least cared for.. because they are unimportant for Anti-Russian goals of the West.
    So the Winter is having dramatically different impacts on the different groups of Ukraine. Rest assured the Army will be in top condition.
    But as far as the last group is concerned it will be a great great magnanimous gesture by Russia, if Russia donates $200million to the Roman Catholic Church charity working in Ukraine to provide basic food and warmth capacity in Ukraine. Conflict will be fought by Russia on a parallel dimension, but civilian tragedies of both sides are also a big concern for Russia. They will be cared for and ameliorated too.

  3. Competition Games on between Boris Johnson and Ben Wallace for NATO Secretary General???
    Ben is doing a very good job tracking the Ukraine conflict proactively.. plugging the needs and anticipating the necessary Escalations needed.. and keeping arms supply pipelines packed, managing training capacities and sending the special forces for deep sabotage operations costing Russia heavily.
    So possibly it will be Johnson !!

  4. I agree with what the man said about tailored individual assistance. It has to be planned individually and logical for the actual needs so it's effective. Otherwise it's people forcing their guilt unload on a person in need. It's wrong.

  5. Lads you forgot to include money printing in the list of causes for the state of the UK economy…. basically if you ask a labour party supporter for the reasons behind this looming disaster they'll tell you it's all Brexit and their Tory counter parts will point to the Lock in/up…some analysts from left to right will point to the money printing but are ignored by the MSM…..the vast majority though are either totally ignorant of or in denial of what is in effect the straw that has broken the camels back namely this Ukrainian caper 🤷

  6. I was anti Brexit, but since the Ukraine and EU farce, I cannot see why anyone would support joining the EU…however the UK did not use its advantage of being separate from the EU. In reality it is worse than the EU. But I cant stand Farage

  7. 11.43 : "why is it so difficult for the UK for being a parliamentary system ? " . Good question Alex.

    Answer : the people of the UK do not have "one man – one vote " . A major proportion of the votes do not count . The fundamental flaw lies in the electoral system .

    Example : if in the general elections 10 percent vote for party x , not one constituency will be won , not one seat in parliament will be taken .
    In a "one man-one vote" system however , that party x would get 10 percent of the seats . Simpel .

    The fundamentally flawed electoral system produces a parliament which is not a true representation of the people . That's not what a democracy is supposed to be .

  8. The UK still does the biggest chunk of its business with the EU, and Brexit created additional trade barriers with this block, while the trade agreements with other countries failed to offset that. To blame Covid for the economic malaise is nonsensical, because Covid also hit the continent hard.
    Furthermore, the majority of voters for Brexit came from England, hence it revived the drive to Scottish independence. Thanks to the Northern Ireland Protocol, that the Johnson administration agreed to, most likely secretly planning to not implement it ever, creates a customs border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, infuriating the Unionists, thereby leading to political chaos and Republican majorities.
    If you are generous, you might say the judgement on the economic costs and benefits of Brexit is still out (How does the fishing industry do?), but the political costs are evidently enormous. Moreover it is not clear whether there is still a majority of voters for Brexit in the UK at all.
    What Farage intends to do, is to lead a small pressure group to bully the Tory party into submission, that avoids general elections like the plague in order to not sink like the Titanic. It is the hijacking of politics by a small and loud minority – the exact opposite of democracy.

  9. Farrage pretends he for the people, but he's one of the people who helped create this situation. Why would the current UK government not try to reintegrate into the single market, considering the prospects that await England with the alternative?

  10. Unfortunately, thanks to Blair, Alexander's analysis is spot on and Blair has been phenomenally well rewarded for his service to the Washington/Westminster faceless plutocrates. He is now a multimillionaire, been awarded a noble peace prize for helping aiding the Washington/Bush oligarchy bomb Iraq back to the stone age, plus a nighthood to rub him the noses of the British people who he betrayed for a foriegn power.

  11. He is also a EX BANKER … something along them lines ..when working people see his privatise the NHS then they might not be as excited 😊 as Alexander is ..bottom line for me he is a grifter …

  12. Farage is an unbelievable liar and hypocrite. Worse than Johnson
    … I refuse to listen to the nasty self serving liar called Farage. 25 years of working for brexit… Hahaha… The man should be charged with a criminal offense and if need be a crime should be created….

  13. UK and Irish politics are so similar for many reasons we have the same issues. Parties don't want to know or hear from the everyday person on any issue until it comes around to election time then they are your best friend and then of course by the following week you are forgotten for another couple of years. We have mas illegal immigration and "refugees" almost all men 20-40 we are now getting people from Georgia! And Albania much like the UK is. Political figures, media and of course the NGOs are still attacking everyday people about this mass gaslighting and it is no longer working. It really does feel like things will pop off here.

  14. Why have you taken down my Comments 😭 ?? Is it because I said something you did Not like ?? ha ha ..we believe in free speech.. UNTIL You say Something I don't like …yeah right 👍

  15. Alex and Alexander, totally disagree since Brexit the work force has dropped, that's why there is a Labour shortage. Brexit was the start of the UK downfall, Russian sanctions have made it worse, yes. However,
    Farrage is a racist pig and should be nowhere near UK politics. Brexit is one big fuck up and Farrage is the main instigater.

  16. Western Democratic Systems have ALL been reduced to duopolies controlled and funded by Big Money. Even the systems of first past the post have been grossly tweaked to remove the Democratic process altogether. Here in Canada, as an example, The Liberals, first time around under Trudeau, recieved around 35% of the vote yet they got 100% of the power by getting a majority? How can that be called democracy when close to 65% of the voters have no representation? Western "Democratic Process" is a sham.

  17. Thank god! I've been rooting for Farage since before Brexit.
    It was horrifying to watch him allow Boris to take the reins. Boris is a sellout, and isn't a fraction of the man Farage is!

  18. Farage won't put himself in the firing range of a character assassinations from the boys in the city of London. He knows it's better to be a puppeteer within the party he started. He has played the game long enough.

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