Farewell Fredo, You Won’t Be Missed

CNN host Chris Cuomo just got fired after getting suspended some time after he was caught in 4K aiding his criminal brother and former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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  1. Fake claims held true is so much worse. Why dafuk does he think we have “innocent until proven guilty” and “without a reasonable doubt” what an embarrassment of a network

  2. I've noticed something. I've seen many people bash Trump with claims such as rape allegations, racism etc and then it comes out that these people have been accused of similar acts or there is even proof of them doing the acts that they have accused Trump of.

    I saw a male celeb saying that all women should be believed with rape claims and that if a woman accused Trump of rape then it must be true as women dont lie about that.

    Then when someone accused him of the same thing he denied it vigorously and said that the woman was not being truthful.

  3. MSNBC will probably hire him. They hired sharpton, that race baiting old pimp of the Crown Heights riot fame, the Twanda Brawley fame. So, they're sick & twisted enough to hire this pos.

  4. Well, he got fired! The only sad thing about this is that it wasn't Trump who could fire him. Although I would not advocate for anyone to get banned from social media, as free speech is of vital importance for everyone, I do however want to say: may he be banned from any and all news media.

  5. And who would have thought? That these same words that he's reading would be used against his own brother. Be careful. Looking at this splinter in others eye, when there’s a beam in thy own

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