Farmer Rebellion!!

Join Chris and Evie for tonight’s LiveCast Episode #16, as the two discuss the state of the world and the emerging financial crisis.

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  1. It’s interesting that Chris mentions going back to living the way that people used to by doing things like depending on wood for fuel again. When I was much younger I started to take a keen interest in help people did things in the 1800s. Partly out of just curiosity but also I wanted to learn more about how my ancestors survive tough times when they came. It was an educational experience to say the least. I learned how to make a fire, how to dress in old-fashioned clothes, The value of a wool blanket, and how to make the earth less harsh to sleep on top of when I didn’t have a mattress underneath me. I am a fair bit older now and it’s not so easy to sleep on the hard ground now without having a really sore back the next day, but there are tricks and tips I’ve learned from people who served in the military and also from taking my kids on scouting trips. Absolutely, invest in learning how to forage for fuel, medicine, and food when you’re out in the woods or in an area where you can find those. You can even cultivate and re-plant the seeds of wild plants and flowers that you know are beneficial. Learn which kinds of wood are best for starting a fire and which kinds are best for creating a lot of heat that burn for a long time. Learn which plants can be used as painkillers, which ones have antiviral properties, and so on. All of this knowledge has been collected for thousands of years by our ancestors but the elitists don’t want anyone to remember any of these things which is why they have worked so hard to go against any of these types of knowledge being promoted. Even the Boy Scouts don’t even teach you half as much as they used to teach when I was a kid. I pulled my two sons out of scouts because they didn’t seem to be learning as much as I hoped they would, and some of the political leanings of the scouts I do not agree with anymore. That’s why they lost a lot of members over the last few years, not even counting the scandals. Go out and join the wilderness group, a hiking or backpacking or canoe in group and you would be surprised at how much Dalic those people have about surviving and getting along outdoors.

  2. Earth can EASILY support 30 billion people, provided we change the way we do agriculture and the money system, to a system set out in the US Constitution secured by parity for agriculture

  3. We are preparing for the coming famine. The best garden ever. We bought an upright freezer and we’ve ordered a solar setup. In addition, we’ve ordered a freeze dryer. I’ve alerted my family and our closest friends as well as posting it on Facebook. Some responded. Some did not.

  4. Thanks Chris and Eva. You are putting my feelings into words and therefore a higher understanding for me. This helps to give us all greater framework in order to act better for ourselves. It's so sad the people we pay money to in the form of taxes so that they can take care of things we need on a collective basis, have totally sabotaged us to the point of treason.
    Firm and polite resistance with consistency and positivity will win over the boring (as you so aptly put it) totalitarians that think they know best, but have missed the very point of life itself.

  5. I think you know what your talking about but ur the reverse of Donald trump persona … your too nice as we the people are being made into serfs . I cant take your nice guy attitude when govt commies are trying to kill us !!!! Good luck !

  6. Chris, I follow you for more than 2 years now. You do your research very well, but in the case of the Dutch farmers…

    You're completely uninformed! Please do your homework in stead of following other 'news' sites and only listening to what farmers are saying.

    I'm really, really disappointed in you now.

    Suppose: a small country producing all the energy for the whole world using wood and coal. The world gets the energy, the producer the pollution.

    Statistics from June this year:
    Together there are about 18.2 million larger livestock (pigs, cows, sheep and goats and horses). CBS released this in a small animation on June 27. The number of poultry animals (chickens, turkeys, ducks) far exceeds this: altogether around 107 million.

    We're 17 million people in one of the smallest countries.

  7. We're proactive in Oklahoma. Counties are forming communities for local resources. We're hosting preparedness seminars. We're bartering, learning to can, dehydrate, garden, alternative resources, etc. It's moving statewide from a local start in OKC. It's fun to see people taking the bull by the horns.

  8. Sri lanka is the outcome were all gonna see, cant have a one world government step in to the “rescue” without the worlds people turning on their current leaders

  9. USA government lie's and bulling of countrys around the world will no longer be accepted as Fair trade enslavement and cooping countries will no longer be acceptable free Julian Assange are suffer permanent damage revealing war crimes / murder is not against GOD'S law are the moral majority

  10. The wealthy elites desire the return to a modern feudalistic state. Like in Communism, these psychopaths view us commoners as cattle, we're a needed commodity. And that's why they want to feed us crickets and 'cattle feed', that's what the FDA and USDA are promoting and regulating for public consumption. Is it a coincidence that their food pyramid has proven to cause chronic health problems? Now we get to support the health industry. We are bled and squeezed to monetize numerous industries. This is their agenda. We will own nothing….and be happy about it. (Or Else!)

  11. Last month, Bloomberg published an article criticizing the middle class American as whiny and spoiled over our complaints of the hyper inflation. They condescendingly suggested we learn to stop eating beef and eat more lentils. And be better for it as it's cheaper. This is their idea of financial resilience. LOL! Why? because BEEF is reserved for the wealthy to consume. This is the belief system of our 'leaders'. Just look at our current US administration! Just take Pelosi as an example….committing a felony of insider trading is allowed only for THEM. Incredulous! How come they are so cocky and confident? Because they have police departments like those in Uvalde, TX and those in Ohio that shot a fleeing unarmed black man 90 times in his back. These are their enforcers. Hence the term 'law enforcement'. What happens when the law makers are criminals?! The law enforcers are criminals? Enforcing unconstitutional and unlawful 'laws'?

  12. Just two tips: Shut off that idiot box the TV. What's broadcasted is trash programming and fear mongering misinformation. Next, get rid of you smartphone. Or dumb it down to just for calls. Most apps are surveillance for the state. The feds get around privacy laws by letting private entities to do the spying and share the data. We gave away our privacy by agreeing to terms of service and EULA's of our phone carriers and downloaded apps.

  13. We never heard about what happened to our truckers. We’re they accommodated, jailed, tax increased , forbidden to purchase gas? Can anyone share who knows what happened to our American truckers ? Thanks

  14. "Lets Hope there Locusts dont escape from the lab ". God told Moses to stretch out his hand over the land of Egypt to bring a plague of locusts. The locusts covered the face of the land and swallowed up every crop and all the fruits of the trees. Afterwards there was nothing green in the trees, and all the crops in the fields had been destroyed. Plague of Darkness.

  15. I live in Australia 🦘 and share the feelings. We are awake! But our voices are week. Perhaps multi cultural society is why Australia is called the melting pot
    Kind regards to all your followers Endre

  16. Hi ,

    Would it be possible for you to get more information about the following ?

    17 Dutch farmers have been economical blackmailed by their bank. All in the Dutch province up in the North called Friesland.
    The Duch Rabobank has stopped their morgage immediatly. So those farmers go bankrupt very quickly. All those 17 farmers also protested about how they are being put out of bussiness. In the last 5 years due to new climate protocols they had to invest incredible. And again had to take big loans. Almost every Dutch farmer needed to do this in the last ten years. As soon as it was ok then the government did a change again and the farmers had to invest also again.
    That those farmers have been blocked out of existence by the bank does us thinking about what happened with the Truckers in Canada. It is not that those farmers had payment troubles. The bank just suddenly stopt the loan. All on the same day. This is very very strange. Like if the Dutch P.M. had a call with Trudeau and then got told this tip about how they did it with the demonstrating truckers in Canada. If you could put time into this and blow this open and wide ? You have contacts and are far better with numbers then most of us. It is this kind of information that needs to get in the open in detail.

  17. Chris, on your comment about the boring, soulless, Soviet block Grey of totalitarianism, I wrote these lyrics in one of my songs:
    They want you to believe ,
    Their cleverly packaged evil lies
    But I think I can see, Yes I know that I can see
    Through that humanitarian disguise
    That the actual plan in mind
    Is for your soul to die

    Because in order to live, you must have a soul, you must have a higher purpose….

  18. You can add 90% of the unvaxxed deaths to the 1 dose group. They constantly do this trick. Data says that most people die within one day to 5th day after injection. But they count you into “1 dose group” only AFTER 21 days.

  19. I'd argue communism is a utopia..for a certain type of person. A person so small and bland and hateful they would prefer to have all talent and gifts extinguished rather than be average. If nobody is special then they are special as a result of their party loyalty and that's enough..just preventing others from outshining them

  20. Humans have long nerves that require myelin (a fat) to function properly and long nerves in the white and gray matter in our brains.
    Crickets are short and cricket fats are not the same as those needed by humans.
    When we have 24/7 coverage of Klaus Schwab eating only insect protein. And never flying in his private jet. Or riding in any petrochemical powered vehicle. Even electric vehicles whose power is produced by a coal powered power plant.
    Start Valking everyvere Klaus.

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