Farmers are the Front line

If the farmers fail there is very little standing in the way of the globalist totally dominating us all.

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  1. Just saw a video of wanted posters in Sweden.
    Klaus Schwab, bill gates and other WEF people each had one.
    Good too see more away of the tyrants destroying countries

  2. The Geat Cull of the population….will continue Until the numbers are achieved. Protest do Not help….the Yellow Vest movement in France, proved that.

    Time to go Sri Lanka style!!!
    Stop complaining….and Act!!!

  3. We all need to push back any way we can.
    Using cash, buying food from small businesses.
    Not conforming to what they are pushing.
    We all need to change are habits, fast.

  4. People are just p!$$ wake without 🚛 you don't have any 🚜🐑 I'm afraid to say but it didn't work for 🚛🚛 probably won't work for 🚜🐑 either because too many people have their head in the sand 💉💉💉💉👮🐑💔😷🇨🇳🔒🧪

  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the majority of Aussies won't get up off their arses to save their lives until the footy is cancelled or theres no beer on the shelves.

  6. remember it was when they had the trucker convoys in canada and oz , when Putin decided oh we'll have a war with ukraine. and that lasted about a week as the trucker convoys disappeared from the news. then the ukraine actor/comedian president was doing photo shoots and appearing on the grammys …… oh yeah and covid disappeared after that too. it was putin putin putin. so if the farmers protest gets too big expect putin to puppet up again.

  7. Wards of the state, retards ruled by retards.
    Still using wef money paid to steal from each other, im better than, your kids friends and relatives taking their currency, following orders lining up at centerlink its all the same, reserve currency is debt, your killing each other for polymer, retards where is your treasure? In your land full of gold silver minerals food, but you sit on your asses waiting for cusshie jobs from govco and extort each other retarded!

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