Fauci Accused Of Overseeing Experiments On Beagles AND Monkeys, WaPo Runs DEFENSE

Journalist Glenn Greenwald details the newest round of criticism facing Dr. Fauci regarding NIH-funded experimentation on animals.

Anthony Fauci image courtesy of AP Photo/Susan Walsh.

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  1. Ahem, more time, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO THIS MAN, HE IS UNTOUCHABLE. HE BELONGS TO AN ELITE POLITICAL CULT. Accept this as reality. The best you can do is expose them so every one knows, but don't waste your time trying to bring them to justice, it's futile.

  2. Who cares what your views are on immigration, gun control, or the economy?
    The Clear majority of everyone really like dogs, even those who don’t, would support this cruelty?!

  3. I didn't think I could dislike Fauci more than I already did but to intentionally hurt a poor dog for what??? To c if they can come up with a cure, after the dog is dead! This man needs to in prison. Where r the activists when we need them???

  4. Fauci needs to be terminated. Why can’t people focus on the topic of cruelty to animals and causing more disruption in creating viruses like Covid? Gaslighting political stance rather than the topic of Fauci funding mad science.

  5. Anyone involved, especially Fauci, should be charged to the full extent of the law. Their actions are beyond cruelty. It is sickening. Anything less than incarceration would be wrong. Put them in " A CAGE " and see how they like it. Perhaps they should be treated the same way the dogs were. I would love to say more as to how discussed I am but it wouldn't get posted. Peace.

  6. I can't believe that anybody even listens to Fauci. When he started lying in the beginning of this crisis. I had to stop paying attention to him. I don't have the time to go back and forth with anybody that I have to wonder is he lying now or not.

  7. I personally feel that we should not be doing or fund gain of function and torturing animals? That just adds to everything I hate about this subject, but I realize it is Avery important subject.

  8. Can we get to the real issue… Decades of exploiting the AIDS crisis to test experimental, toxic products on vulnerable populations, conducting clinical trials without oversight and accountability, ignoring and manipulating the results of safety trials in which people were injured or killed; all to line the pockets of 2nd rate scientists and pharma executives? While posing as humanity's benefactor.

  9. Who give a …. about experiments on animals when babies are experimented on and murdered for body parts? Save the babies and then think about saving animals that are cruelly experimented on. Get priorities in order!

  10. He's working with the Chinese Communist party to release a virus on the world and he covered it up and lied and is now responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of infections and people whine about dogs

  11. Not just dogs. Fauci was the head of NIH, when they financed AIDS drug experiments on children as young as 3 days old, in NYC, during the 1990s.

    Look up Incarnation Children's Center (ICC) AIDS drug experiments.

  12. the washington puke is probably one of the biggest disinformation rags, i don't think anyone takes them seriously except the most far leftists or bezos fan?

  13. Pinocchio I mean Faucnocchio needs to be held accountable for all his lies and for animal Cruelty. He mite as well be a Biden , he’s been untouchable even with proof of lying 🤥 hope he gets what’s coming to him

  14. Thanks to Rising for following this story. Fauci is not beyond reproach and all of his background including business ties need investigating no matter where it leads. He’s an absolute fraud and wields far too much power in terms of how medical research is funded and in fact allowed because all of it serves the mechanistic approach of modern allopathic medicine which has devolved into looking for marketable “cures” for whatever trumped-up diseases du jour can be inflicted on an increasingly gullible public who are at the mercy of a media onslaught of celebrity doctors and “experts” along with tv personalities who’re willing to browbeat their audiences into compliance.

  15. Did they remember that Dr Fauci worked under Trump? Guarantee that if Dr Fauci was still under the leadership of Donald Trump, all this would be all over the news. But wait, Dr Fauci is working under Joe Biden, well?

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