Fauci Allegedly MISLED Trump On Gain Of Function Research, WHO Claims ‘Last Chance’ To Find Origins

Ryan Grim and Robby Soave discuss Joe Manchin’s insistence on implementing a work requirement for the proposed child tax credit extension.

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  1. You talk about India’s inability to inject the entire populous. Why don’t you also talk about ivermectin and the FACT that it is being administered successfully in vastly decreasing the spread of COVID? ALso Japan?? I question your motives in pretending to be unbiased.

  2. @1:44 – Why do that? REALLY? You say it's a waste of time to do the research! Well guess what? DHS already possesses that data! Those applicants, can be verified through the DHS data base. How embarrassingly lazy

  3. Yes Fauci lied and his fingerprints are on the virus that killed millions around the world. Is the US going to do anything? no because Fauci is anti Trump and if you are anti Trump you can get away with killing millions. 1944 all over again

  4. Farcui history is written in stone, the man is upfront bold & in your face, he is what he is! In his wake he has absolutely Destroyed America for his personal gains, the pandemic is a war & he is a criminal & should be dealt with according with no level to stand on,the Trump smelt the Rat but couldn't trap it

  5. Could Trump have replaced Fauci or fired him for misleading everyone about early therapeutic therapy? Which eventually stopped those treatments not available. Threatening doctors they would lose there medical license. I think Fauci is responsible for people dying.

  6. Fauci has misled everyone. Why should Trump be any different? Someday the world will wake up and realize what a conniving liar Fauci is but for now the media is complicit in spreading Fauci's lies. Why not? Main stream media is controlled by the democrats and currently Fauci is serving their agenda.

  7. The concept of welfare is not a bad thing, until Government steps in to micro-manage. Then it creates a svstem that removes any possible forward motion for the recipient. They become a static sect of welfare slaves.

  8. This entire Covid matter stinks. The first narrative that it didn't come from the Wuhan lab, with all of the censorship and suppression got busted. Now the new narrative is that it cannot be produced in a lab..

  9. I never noticed this before until I saw them sitting side-by-side but Ryan's hair is parted to the left and Robby's hair is parted to the right. I wonder if there is any significance to that? I think I need to back away from this "us vs them" insanity for a few days but before I go: F**k Fauci and F**k the vaccine mandates!

  10. Has anyone heard news of the 10 or more mysterious huge explosions in China that have happened in the last week? Check out the video: 'Gravitas: Why is China not talking about the mysterious blasts?'

  11. As odd as it might seem, we need to move away from the blanket notion that work, meaning working for an incorporated company, is the standard for a productive life. What Manchin is basically proposing is that parents must be away from parenting their children in order to be financially solvent. First of all, why have the democrats allowed Manchin to assume this dictatorial power over policy and when will they start treating him as the milktoast republican that he is?

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