Fauci CAUGHT Abusing Puppies and… HUMAN ANIMAL HYBRIDS? | Louder With Crowder

Steven caught this story earlier in the month… but it’s trending for the normies now!

Steven is finally out of YouTube jail, but do NOT let them tear us apart:
WATCH ON Rumble:

“Eat My Butt” #fauci #anthonyfauci #dogs

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  1. Whenever the Public begins catching on to the Real scam…they start with some easy to understand distraction to divert our attention from the Crimes that might expose Many to the Crime of just one.
    Or, just b4 a serious crime is exposed suddenly reveal some Nasty lesser crime

  2. – Bill Clinton and Monica's stained dress/Cigars.
    – Cuomo's groping of women for decades.
    – Now, Fauci's Puppies.
    What did each of these Activities cover for?
    * Democrat Contributions from Buddist Monks & Chinese Esionage at Los Alamos, Charlie Tree, and also the Laurel Corporation. Chinese $$$ came in and Military Secrets went out.
    * Cuomo's order to place Infected in with the Elderly Resulting in their Many deaths.
    * Fauci's connection to Funding the Wuhan Lab where Covid 19 came from.
    These are but a few…I'm certain you can think of Many more

  3. I couldn't watch this and waited, now air punching! Can someone within a weird circle get rid of him!?!?!?! Now I realize that living in Baumholer, Fauci was the one that turned the hose on to drown the nazi soldier's…..f that

  4. Experimentation on animals should be outlawed, many people would volunteer if facing illness. Most results from animal experimentation usually result not being applicable to humans.

  5. My dad worked there…docs with child porn on computers,docs making drugs in their labs, mockeys with tops of their skull cut off and wires put in their brains. And that's just what he told me.

  6. Beagles I mean yeah the dogs are super hearty animals they usually around 10,000 of them are used for medical research, sinclair medical research uses beagles and have killed thousands for scientific research/studies. But what they did yes its horrible I understand , and we use pigs, monkeys , rats and alot of other animals . But yes it's for medical heart research , we've had a canine covid 19 vaccine before 2010 . I'm sorry but this is the sad part I see people there aren't happy it's the presidents and ceo and vps that are happy . But what they did to these animals is horrible because like I said before most research facilities they treat them very well like some workers love the animals but yeah so that's why they used beagles

  7. I’m an atheist, and I find Fauci’s actions to be reprehensible. Please do not use his actions as a general indictment of atheism, as there are just as many who would be adamantly opposed to his experiments on puppies and rats.

  8. Trust me it’s possible to have human-hybrids. Even the devil created his own (they didn’t work very well, but still none the less) when he made his fallen angels sleep with the human women. They gave birth to very tall individuals. One who was Goliath. We seen how that was played out.

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