Fauci CAUGHT Conspiring Against Critics, Emails Reveal

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, a trove of emails between high-level American health officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins of the NIH, have been released to the public. In one incriminating email from October 2020, Collins reaches out to Fauci to insist that a smear campaign be launched to discredit doctors Martin Kulldorff, Sunetra Gupta and Jay Bhattacharya, authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, which recommended against widespread lockdowns in favor of “focused protection” concentrated on vulnerable groups.

Jimmy and Max Blumenthal discuss the reasons for these behind-the-scene machinations.

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  1. Back in the day, I had a number of Wired covers. We all loved it and thought it was ahead of the curve. Somewhere along the way it turned into a techno Rolling Stone! First rate hacks and lords of irrelevance!

  2. I've lost faith in the human being's, After studying Historical behaviors of American Society concerning the Genocidal treatment of Native Americans, the unimaginable horror of generational slavery of Africans, Germany's Genocidal Treatment of the Jews, Cambodia's crazed elimination of its own people, and let's not forget Rwandas's people perpetrating unspeakable mass murders, on its own Neighbors.
    I dont see Human Beings standing up in mass to force the right thing.
    I've learned to distrust the Human Species all together.

  3. Gupta is an interesting person. She's very poetic in her scientific discourse. She posits that travel in fact has made human stronger in the face of viruses because of constant exposure to different countries, societies and peoples. In this light, restricting or shutting down travel (it's worth noting a McMaster study last year showed outbreaks in airports and travel is very low and that draconian measures against them were likely going to be counter-productive or pointless) is the wrong approach. Naturally, all three oppose passports calling them abhorrent. I signed the GBD when it first came out having discovered Bhattacharya early in the pandemic and was impressed with his calm demeanour and obvious sensible opinions. Collins and Fauci are the opposite and are nothing but a pair of bullying, mediocre bureaucratic totalitarian grunts.

  4. I’ll take a few million dead boomers that destroyed the world versus 500 million living in poverty 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  5. Suppressing people that got anything to say about this virus goes since day one. Luc Montagnier was literally destroyed, for having a thought about this virus, in 2020.
    Why on earth would you not even consider to listen to someone like that?

  6. No reason to let the intelligence community off the hook. They're all in bed together (literally) and will do anything to further their agenda. The author at wired may be paid or part of the community.

  7. When is the last time you heard ANY mention or strong suggestions for boosting natural human health with common vitamins and minerals that none of the "experts" ever or barely mention mention?

  8. 1:25
    this is exactly what people on the Right have been suggesting since the beginning of the pandemic. protect the vulnerable, allow them to confine themselves and we can bring them the supplies they need, and that way we don’t have to shut down the whole country.

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