Fauci CAUGHT Funding Lab Leak Research, Culprit AGAIN | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Saagar refreshes people’s memory of the lab leak coverup by Dr. Fauci who is spending his final days in government giving more gain of function research grants to his allies

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  1. Do the US taxpayers have no say in how their money, which gets funneled into research grants is used…. I don’t think 99% of people want it used to study viruses by shady figures Who have a history of basically lying..

  2. Why wouldn't they lie about this? They killed millions of people. If they told the truth they would be tried for the greatest act of mass murder in recent history.

  3. Remember China China China Ghina gina gian aaaa !
    Yeah, this was a sabbotage by Trump's gov to bring down the China's economy, hense the first country banned Chinese was US and China's stock market fell instantly! Open your eyes.

  4. Said it before: if the US doesn't uncover and prosecute the guilty then it and China are jointly responsible for one of the worst global disasters.
    And in saying that we probably have the reason they won't: the reparations will be unimaginably costly.

  5. If you've been paying attention to the congressional hearings discussing this early on, there was testimony from a well respected researcher who analyzed the likelihood that the virus came from zoonotic transmission. His analysis concluded it was basically impossible… and that was before they knew about the cover-up and so many other damning pieces of information and evidence. Peter Daszak is believed to be the researcher personally responsible for creating this frankenvirus that has the most bizarre and random effects not consistent with the coronavirus family. If I were a betting woman, I'd bet (a lot) that those two are indeed at the center, and most likely entirely responsible for this entire pandemic. But many questions remain: who else has been in on this whole scam? If it weren't a planned and coordinated effort, why were so many different "vaccines" created by different companies around the world with the same bizarre and debilitating symptoms for so many? How did so many formerly democracy-based governments around the world, as well as mainstream and social media all have exactly the same playbook, pretty much verbatim that neglected to educate people about the simple steps they could take to boost their immune capacity and instead push, coerce, and illegally mandate a brand new experimental biological technology with a HORRIBLE track record of failure, insisting EVERYONE must get injected over and over again while vaccine-related deaths and disabilities were covered up, denied, and dismissed as anything other than what they truly were – vaccine injuries?! And now, they're pushing a brand new one? Have they not killed and destroyed enough lives? Are people still so brainwashed despite thousands of research studies and copious amounts of data worldwide proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that these shots are ineffective and destructive to human's immune systems? And the coordinated effort to prevent people from getting the safe, effective early treatment they needed is nothing other than genocide.

    Anyone in a leadership position that is perpetuating these deadly lies should be tried fo crimes against humanity and held responsible for the harm they've caused to people across the globe.

    Destroying the freedoms that we have to make our own healthcare decisions and create a world of chaos and dependency seems to be what they've been trying to achieve…but WHY?? What on earth do they gain? I don't get why anyone would want others to suffer needlessly! What good is power and money when you are destroying everything good in the world? Maybe it takes a psychopath to truly understand the evil minds that would either purposely or just indifferently hurt others for their own pleasure.

    Though I had a hard time finding it for awhile over the past couple of years, I now have renewed faith on humanity. I see people FINALLY waking up in droves to realize that ALL of it has been, and continues to be, a very purposefully orchestrated plan to divide and conquer – the psychological and physical fleecing of the human race. And when they turn the screws hard enough, they'll dig themselves into the hole they thought they were digging for us. People will rise from the ashes and create a much better world than we ever knew was possible – NOT with the WEF agenda but with our own grassroots movements and evolving consciousness.It probably won't be easy; far from it. But, together, we will prevail… And eventually, we will never, ever choose leaders that wield power and control over their people or sell them out for their own personal or political benefit. Instead, we will choose leaders who listen to their people and lead with integrity, honor, wisdom, compassion, and love! 💞💗💞

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