Fauci Claims Wuhan Lab Leak Theory IMPOSSIBLE After NIH CAUGHT Lying About Gain Of Function Research

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  1. This Dr. Anthony Fauci is just like Joe Biden and a Democratic which means he is a hypocrite and a pathological liar. He, just like others pathological liars are telling so many lies that they are not able to keep track of them and therefore he is getting caught each and every time. Fauci isn’t following the science he is following a narrative that is all about communism and the gain of power.

  2. Fauchi is a shameless pathological liar, he lied to the Congress. NIH admitted that they were funding gain of function research in Wuhan.
    Fauchi and his cohorts are responsible for the lab leak. Intentional or accidental. They have killed millions of innocent people, period. Fauchi should be fired immediately and face trial for crimes against humanity.

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