Fauci Declares Pandemic Over & In Less Than 24 Hours Says It’s Not Over



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  1. Translation: "People aren't distracted enough by Ukraine to be unaware of what we're doing behind the scenes, so we'll bring back the plandemic to deter awareness."

  2. I know I talk a lot of sht myself, but on the serious, we do need to get these people out of any authority positions. Let a lone be policy guides. We do actually need to make as big of fools as we can out of them. Maybe with Elon, the truth will at least stand a chance. We'll see if it helps or if its too little too late. Regardless, valiant effort Elon….

  3. First it was 15 days to slow the spread… then it was wear a mask don't wear mask… then wear two masks then four… stay at home stay six feet… I'm so glad I'm a pure blood. I hate fauci he needs to go away.

  4. Fauci, such a wormy, greasy little you-know-what. It starts with a W, ends with a P, and the middle letter is an O. Italians are pretty cool, just not that one.

  5. My well jabbed kids and grandkids brought me the virus. Defiantly unvaxed l am finding two things. One, l can't taste my fave foods. Two, l have almost no appetite and l lost a couple of pounds. Other than that…no problem. I avoided meds, keep very warm and sleep well. And now, Ta-dah, l HAVE NATURAL IMMUNITY.

  6. Just Search Reporters, Guests, Experts Politicians they have on names, I find google image easiest Predators will defend predators, they seek trust then control through cruelty aggression lies. Search on google image Why Disney dropped the Fox name (then the right attacked Disney) Bible say's there's no excuse for supporting evil. Search on the internet Florida Worst state for covid Red states covid vs blue states covid Search headings on google image DeSantis covid vaccine mask propaganda DeSantis child abuse Republican Child Predators perverts Why are Republicans GOP obsessed with pedophilia Tennessee GOP kill bill to ban child marriage Republican Pedophiles that ran for office Republican Pedophiles that plead guilty Republican economies vs Democrat economies US states by health care ranking Indictments crimes by Presidential administration Best countries in the world Most Liberal countries in the world Conservatism meaning Liberalism meaning

  7. Now my neighbors want to chase away the birds and throw away bird food because they think there's a bird corona virus pandemic (here in illinois)

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