Fauci DEMANDS Fox Host Be ‘Fired On The Spot’ | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to the comments made by Dr. Anthony Fauci after he was asked on CNN about criticism he received from Fox News host Jesse Watters at a conservative event

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  1. Let me see here. Toobin get's re-hired after jerking off on TV and they are screaming in a panic over Jesse Waters. Okay, Waters kind of turns me off a bit but he is only using a favorite tactic of the left. Remember Maxine's rants about going after the right?!

  2. Fauci; again a lier. He funded gain of function research in a CCP sponsored Chinese lab against federal law, changed the definition of "gain of function", to obfuscate the funding, and deflects like he is this meek, mild mannered, simple doctor that all he has done is talk about the benefits of PPE. This man is a narsasitic, power hungry government bureaucrat that needs to be fired with prejudice (meaning he looses all retirement and separation benefits) for cause. "For Cause" is especially applicable when you commit criminal offenses. Why is he still in office?

  3. you're talking about the same people that thought donald trump said to storm the capital and wreak havoc. It's a subliminal message from fox. Of course fauci took it that way

  4. Fauci should have been fired in the 1980s for his demonizing HIV as a gay illness and his lack of pursuit of treatments, in favor of a failed vaccine only policy (sound familiar?) …

  5. Wow….really, no one ever takes Fox out of context and acts on their message. The speakers at the rally on Jan. 6th didn't tell anyone to break into the Capitol. Lets hope someone doesn't ambush you Saagar out of some bushes on your way home and ask you a kill shot question……boom, you'd be dead, they'd have you in cold blood squirming your way out of that….right? You guys need to pick a side, and anything coming out of Fox is out of bounds. You can't hate them and defend them, Waters is a jerk and he meant everything we think he meant with that spiel against Fauci. You guys really can't see that.. or is it your hatred for Fauci that great Saagar you chose to defend that jerkoff? Well my New years resolution was to quit smoking and cut out some fat from my diet, seems you guys have made it to the cut, can't listen to your crap anymore……..hasta la vista baby.

  6. Fauci should be in jail for the lies he’s told

    The point Jesse Waters was making, is that the time for Republicans to be civil, is over. Be legal… but these powerful elite need to be held accountable for the way they’ve treated the average person.

    The Democrats encouraged riots. Republicans just want the truth.

  7. 3:07 Craziness in society? You said that with a straight face, eh? Can't you just have heart attack or something and just go away. The whole knows that you're a liar, apart from the yes people in the world that watch and work at CNN, who don't seem to care that a man that high up, can lie for free.


  9. I think you misunderstood his role now.
    I'll get this out of the way. I hate Anthony Fauci. His failed experiment is why I can't be with my wife and newborn daughter this New Year's eve/day.
    But I understand him quite well now.
    Fauci had a terrible idea that even DARPA turned out. But he said I'll do it anyways. He gives money to ecohealth alliance. Ecohealth Alliance funds the Wuhan Institute of Virology to the the search. They knew there were problems as far back as 2018. But they kept going.
    Outbreaks start in fall 2019 in Wuhan.
    Fauci had a chance to come clean. He didn't. Covid hits our shores. He still had the chance to come clean and say it was made in a lab. Fauci didn't. Fauci lies that we don't need masks. Fauci lies that it came from a wet market.
    We lose time investigating bullshit. Millions die.
    The heat is on. Fauci isn't completely stupid. He knows that the minute he fades from the limelight or from power that he is dog meat.
    So Fauci keeps the fear up and says crazy things. The media love him because he is a sideshow. Liberals love him because "he stood up to Trump." News flash: Who do you think greenlit his project? Even Obama told him off.
    So Fauci will say shit just to stay safe when he should pay.

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  11. Have you guys covered the Pfizer study whistleblower yet, I haven’t seen it if you have. You guys are functioning as useful idiots to big pharma over a vaccine that is not safe.

  12. Saagar, aside from his "mean tweets" and otherwise abrasive personality, why do you hate Trump so much? Take away Trump and just put his policies on a piece of paper and I'd say you likely agree with most of them.

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