Fauci, Gain-of-Function Research, and Wuhan Lab Funding

Taken from JRE #1668 w/Krystal Ball & Saagar Enjeti:

Written by PowerfulJRE


  1. You can't jump on Trump because these people don't like him and want to fuck kids and he blew up their party that's what he did he literally blew up the DC and that's why they don't like him and I never heard you calling him a racist so you know what for some of the supposed to kind of be a conservative you seem a little less cleaning and it kind of seems like you're just saying like if Donald Trump was never would never be president this would never happen to our republic

  2. Your extra excitement on this subject seems like you can't already know all this information for a very long time and you're trying to act surprised

  3. So are we going to wait for China to confirm this? Of course its true, of course it started in the lab. The bat/pangolin story was built into the cover up from the beginning.

  4. Go to your parents for a professor that explains it so you really are not in on the inside it's probably why you don't ever talk about critical race theory that explains it

  5. Soooo… the government is comprised, the media is compromised, and science is now obviously compromised… I wonder what other important processes and systems we rely on that might also be compromised… any ideas, folks?

  6. These universities are so greedy they don't care who they destroy or how many. I am one of their lab rats. They use the excuse that it is in the name of scientific exploration even though it has zero scientific value, and no one has the choice to participate or to not participate. It's pure evil, and they think they are too intelligent for the concept of evil. Hopefully there is some justice for the old lab rats that died in the millions suffocating to death in their nursing home bed.

  7. Didn't the woman who was seeking asylum from china who worked at the lab already blow the whistle at the beginning of all this? Also a french virologist said they studied the virus and claimed himself that they saw evidence that the virus was engineered?

  8. Funny how people talk about dr Fauci like he’s the bad guy when he is saying everything that trump wants he is trumps fall guy it it’s funny how he says China lies about literally everything when every single government lies lime wtf America lies more than anyone