Fauci-Gain-of-Function Secrets Exposed, Legal Win against Biden Secrecy, Ashley Biden Docs

Judicial Watch President @TomFitton discusses new documents we obtained about Dr. Fauci and COVID gain-of-function research, Biden’s secret Senate records, and much more!




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Written by Judicial Watch


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  1. Remember when Schiff and his minions were freaking out about all the bad things in Trump's phone call to the Ukrainian President? And Trump ended it all by releasing the phone records? Gawd! I miss that guy!

  2. Thank you for all you do for America, Tom! You are a beacon of light in a very dark world! The thing that bothers me the most (Judicial Watch EXCLUDED) is all the talk in Congress about what SHOULD be done, but no ACTION is taken. It reminds me of most campaigning politicians who say "If I'm elected, I'll do this or that", but they never say HOW they're going to accomplish this or that. The majority of the time, we voters find ourselves totally disillusioned. Over the years, I wasn't a big fan of Donald Trump's, but when I began listening to his campaign speeches, I realized how great a man and patriot he is! I so wish he hadn't been cheated out of the election!

  3. I am extremely grateful to you and those at Judicial Watch.
    Not that this will come as a surprise . Fox News has made mention of it.
    Obama Biden Real Estate Agents are openly Murdering elderly, and Disabled in Detroit.
    To push some sort of Elite Utopia agenda ?? Has Hollywood all over it. Big money no patience.
    By segregation and consolidating people the deem unfit . Into low income concentration encampments.
    The one percent needs to fix this quickly.
    Fox News made mention ( in their way ).

  4. Keep on. But TURN TO GOD! More because they have an agenda. They want GLOBALISM! THEY are for Satan. You need GOD because HE is the only 1 who can do anything. HE PROTECTS. But people need to be with HIM! You need to go to HIM in PRAYER. But you must. Accept JESUS CHRIST. You must surrender your life to HIM. You must seek out GOD. Receive the anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT. Then follow the HOLY SPIRIT getting right with GOD! Doing HIS HOLY WAY! & then fellowshipping with HIM.
    You will realize they have evil & wicked intentions.

  5. I want to sue the US government for the many years they have used my tax dollars for things like abortion and gain of function. I never gave my consent for my $$$$ to be afforded to many organizations that I do not approve of!

  6. It doesn’t matter what you find out about Dr. Fauci, because all of you all are on here for TV ratings and money, he will never go to jail and you know that, so why don’t you say that instead of making these accusations which are probably true ! But he will never go to jail so who cares !

  7. It's not unusual for Fauci to be controlling what information is released. This Sociopath has controlled which Studies were funded and published for DECADES. AMERICA HAS DEVOLVED AND PRODUCED OUR PLANDEMIC.
    Get this b arrested.

  8. Tom, what about the probability of China having a antidote for the virus? Wouldn't you have a antidote for the virus if you were dinking around with this highly contagious virus? What about the defector what has he given us on this subject? Thanks for all you do for us the U.S.

  9. They can prove time and again that Fauci created Bio-weapons and has committed crimes against humanity…BUT, No one will man up and bring him up ON those charges and have him arrested and tried for them in DC.
    Just like Obama, and Clinton's etc and all we ALL KNOW they did and the crimes they committed and still NO ONE does zip…and the Durham "investigation" they claim is going on has produced basically NOTHING
    Now the Biden crap we know for over 40+ years of his corrupt pedophilia and sexual abuse and simple inept racist policies also NO ONE has done nothing….knowing, but doing nothing is meaningless…until these DC elitists are arrested and tried and convicted….it is all USELESS

  10. You can bye pass their slow role bye suing for the information through the U.S.Patent Office which is a public information resource. Under the Gates Foundation covid-19 patents of 1979 through 2020. You'll learn that Fauci was hired as a researcher for bill gates foundation. I've seen the patents before they blocked them.

  11. Great job Tom fitton. Canadians, like myself who have a functioning Brain still love, and applaud your work. Please keep exposing the global tyrants allegedly carrying out this new world order great reset, Agenda 21, agenda 2030, new Eugenics plan globally.

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