Fauci Has No Answer–Why Vaxx People With Natural Immunity?

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DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. They still refuse to admit it was lab created. They were supposed to only vaccinate a vulnerable sub population. That why the vaccine had to be made so quickly, to save these people. But telling the public the reason why would force our govt to admit knowing the details about the virus.

  2. It will take decades for the Scientific Community in General and the Medical Community in particular to recover from the Nonsense being advanced on Covid!! Fauci is getting pushback within the Scientific/Medical Communities but is being covered by Censorship!! Adverse reactions to mRNA Injections are widespread but go unreported in MSM!! These Adverse Reactions will only amplify in the years ahead especially among children!! So there is a TYRANNY here afoot and so far ArchBishop Fauci and his Acolytes are getting away with their VOODOO!!

  3. Exactly which infection are you referring to? Oh, Covid 19!!! I've heard a little bit about that in the news 🤪. Isn't that just like H.I.V. in that you cannot be guaranteed any sort of accurate test result?(Look it up!) Also, it has another parallel in the fact that treatment for the condition is actually more dangerous than the health problems caused by the virus. AZT destroys the immune system and you die of complications caused by it. Nice huh?

  4. Logan’s Run … They fire nurses with strong immunity from covid and replace them with nurses who have low immunity from the vax. This is the real agenda. Can you imagine a better way to solve the looming collapse of pension funds, Social Security funds, Medicare funds, than an injection that eliminates retirees when they hit 70 years old? … an injection marketed as a vaccine but it induces Alzheimer’s which will not manifest until age 70. (There is evidence for this).

  5. Fauci is compromised x 10,000! The goal is to divide us and that started long ago….natural immunity is a gold standard immunity and beats the vaccine all to rat shit….which the vax probably contains come to think of it…. 🐀💩🐀💩🐀💩

  6. I love you Jimmy but the reason why it's "for the team" is because if enough people got vaccinated you get herd immunity and the virus doesn't have the chance to mutate. With Covid running through the population, because of vaccination hesitancy, we won't get herd immunity, and Covid is with us forever. As a consequence Covid gets the opportunity to mutate all the time, and causing many more people to die.

  7. Why because it hurts profit not to jab and after all it's about control and breaking down the masses but it isn't going as planned Israel which is mostly all jabbed are having mass ccp virus breakouts.

  8. There are plenty of drugs that are used both for humans and animals. It’s a testament to the Creator who created with the mind of the one person of God. Circulatory systems in animals and humans alike, red blood cells and white.. inflammation, microbes, infections, diseases. People gotta start thinking.

  9. this is so funny because you can find the actual clip and fauci does give an answer (they're not sure whether natural immunity is sturdy enough over a long period of time as a protective factor while the vaccine is)

  10. These seems like a misleading title. You cut a scientist saying he doesn’t know the answer but then didn’t show the part where he explained what they science says.

    That is what real science does it does cherry pick non peer-reviewed articles with small sample sizes, it doesn’t pick the studies that agree with what they want to be true..

    Jimmy you were one of my hero’s now, you are no longer a jag off comedian you are a clown.
    A con man saying things that make big pharma ivermectin lots of money. You are a liar.

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