Fauci POSITIVE For Covid Ahead Of Senate Health Committee Testimony, Appearing Remotely

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave debate whether Covid-19 is truly unavoidable in light of Dr. Fauci’s recent positive test.

According to the CDC, while COVID-19 vaccines are effective, studies have shown some declines in vaccine effectiveness against infections over time, especially when the Delta variant was circulating widely. Everyone ages 18 and older should get a booster shot either 6 months after their initial Pfizer or Moderna series, or 2 months after their initial Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine. People ages 16–17 may get a booster dose of Pfizer at least 6 months after their initial series of vaccines.

The CDC says A person is fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving all recommended doses in the primary series of their COVID-19 vaccination. A person is up to date with their COVID-19 vaccination if they have received all recommended doses in the primary series and one booster when eligible. Getting a second booster is not necessary to be considered up to date at this time.

A study by The Cleveland Clinic found that both previous infection and vaccination provide substantial protection against COVID-19. Vaccination of previously infected individuals does not provide additional protection against COVID-19 for several months, but after that provides significant protection at least against symptomatic COVID-19.

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  1. Been back to work since 5/1/21 wear a mask at work and in public spaces and both me and my wife avoided getting covid 19 so far and we are both vaccinated and double boosted and we are 55 so just be safe and use measures of protection you are comfortable using regardless of stigma.

  2. The bickering back and forth over COVID is hard to follow. The fact is that the science behind COVID is continuously evolving. It is proven that the longer you can stay COVID free the better treatment options there are to treat the disease.

  3. Why is Bri cringe? Example at 3:34 when she sighs. This cringe is judgemental rather than solid debate. She over-inflates her points to the level of misrepresentation, like Amber Heard's histrionics. She throws in divisive language like a histrionic person. She appears cringe and progressives need her to be replaced with a progressive that provides great arguments. Progressives have a voice. Let's get somone on that makes good arguments.

  4. Faucci has accomplished mastery over deception and I prescribe long covid for 2 years.
    Faucci was running a charade of wearing masks and vaccines.

  5. Bri is either not being honest about avoiding all "dangerous" social interactions for the past 2.5 years, or that's the exact reason why she's so hard to listen to. Every social interaction is a "dangerous" one, so this would mean that she had zero (mask less) human contact all this time.

  6. It sucks when journalists know NOTHING!! Neither of them likely know who the creator of the PCR test is and what it is and isn't capable of. Dr. Kary Mullis said the PCR is not meant for diagnosing. CDC and FDA said that the PCR test is no longer a valid testing protocol as of Dec. 2021.

  7. I haven't been jabbed, and never wore a mask. I also quarantined with my brother when he tested positive for covid. I have not been sick at all in 5 years! It's simple. When I wake up everyday, I say out loud, "Thanks for another day. I refuse to be sick today or any day. I will be free of all sickness.". That's all I do besides eating healthy real food and getting plenty of exercise. I am 60 and was diagnosed with COPD 18 years ago. I take no meds and I smoke 3 or 4 cigs a day. I mow my 3 lots with a push mower. So, figure that out! The mind is a powerful tool. Whatever you focus on is what you get.

  8. 7:00 most people will only get it once. once. & maybe a few times across the lifespan. where as 4x+ guaranteed exposure to the vac products is many times more dangerous, bc it is multiple & guaranteed multiple exposures (!!) jeeZus wept, how much math is in law? im thinking not enough. -JC

  9. The main reason why the new variants are so easily spread and easier to catch is because of the vaccine vaccines help you build your immunity to these viruses will in turn they also mutate those viruses to make them stronger so that way that virus can fight those vaccines rather than your body naturally fighting it getting the natural immune immunities from it making it less susceptible to be getting it I don't know about anybody here I don't know about anybody here but what I grew up I was always told you can never catch the same cold twice it's always changing and you can't vaccinate for a cold

  10. Dr. Fauci needs to get a grip and tell people the truth. If we treated this covid just as all the ones before we would have been done with in in less then a glu season and those covid would have became part of the the flu season rotation.

  11. This is proof positive that the measures sont and never worked. The only protection you can get is derived from fortifying your immune system through nutrition and vitiamisn which will do just as much as theiur frnkentoxin vaccine and more than their masks that actually make you sick by most studies. But yes Bri, we can def read into that the meaauers do not actually work at all. I dont know why that is so hard for you to accept. The vast majority of people dont have harsh symptoms anyhow. its a pandemic of the old and obese. For those with natural immunity a vaccine is just toxic and wrecks your perfectly good immune response.

  12. Too funny. That’s the same scam being played by the Canadian PM to avoid parliament when they have been caught in their lies about the war measures (emergency) act being used against truckers.

  13. Bri is out of her mind on this topic. Thank you Robbie for keeping a logic mindset on this topic. It’s astonishing to listen to perspective based on defensiveness. It was inevitable that Fauci would get Covid.

  14. We were told all throughout my "essential" work that the masks protect everyone else from you if potentially you have it. And I'd like to point out employers shifted from "don't come in if your sick" to "it's your fault you got it." Further, working with basically the same group of essential employees throughout lockdown, I've never heard of anyone here (150 plus people) getting it more than once or twice a year and certainly not every year.

  15. We do not know if herd immunity was not a good idea, we do know every idea this government had or did has not worked in regards to COVID but could also be said for ANY of their ideas and it WAS an idea, their ideas end up hurting way more citizens than it helps, it is not a debatable answer on that matter.

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