Fauci Repeats: ‘I DON’T Regret Lockdowns’ As Study Shows Childhood Diabetes SKYROCKETED During 2020

Research reveals new cases of childhood type 2 diabetes increased by 77 percent during 2020. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave debate what lessons should be learned from pandemic school closures. #Covid #SchoolClosures #Lockdowns #Education #Enrollment #ChildhoodDiabetes

FILE – Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, speaks during the daily briefing at the White House in Washington, Dec. 1, 2021. Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert, says he plans to retire by the end of President Joe Biden’s term in January 2025. Fauci, 81, became director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in 1984 and has advised seven presidents. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

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  1. Type II diabetes is not reversible. It is controlled in a small percentage of patients. Diabetes may lead to kidney failure, amputation or blindness, but most will die from heart disease.

  2. Does Briahna not remember that, around December 2020, there were already treatment shots for Covid-19 being issued through (The Trump Administration's) Operation Warp Speed? She must be hearing Biden in her ears, who declared that there wouldn't be a workable treatment for the pandemic until around May 2021.

  3. 2 of the 3 places Bri mentions are very hot during their peak Covid season! The south peaks in the summer and that’s because it’s too hot to be outside. Just as the northeast peaks in the winter, when it’s too cold to be outside. Still support more outdoor learning and improving air systems in schools and other “mass” public buildings

  4. Briahna, shame on you for thinking it's fine hurt our children and use them as a shield for yourself and adult! Everything we know now, we already knew at the very beginning. Society is judged on how they treat their children, and we have abused ours throughout this process.

    Locking down these kids for 2 years was completely unjustified. My son's life is permanently damaged in by the ridiculous measures taken! All the children who gave up their athletic careers, their proms, all the special events and The crucial high school years where much of your transition into adulthood is formed was stolen!

    Because you don't have children, you would never understand until you finally do. Every day of the pandemic was a kick in the gut to us whose children were suffering and it's unconscionable!!

  5. Fauci could also say:
    "Two years ago we had no vaccines and people were dying.
    Last year we had vaccines and people were dying.
    This year the pandemic is nearly over and people are dying.
    What we all should learn of all that;
    to strictly obey the government 
    is the only way to avoid that people are dying,
    to live forever."

  6. Here is the real loop: tough choices bring consequences, and knowing things is hard. Consequences and rewards create a feedback loop, which brings the knowledge for better decisions. A positive evolution.
    But…our politicians get re elected 90% of the time, no matter what they do. They are largely immune from what would normally be consequences. So they outsource these tough decisions to the unelected regulatory state. Who then say they just make recommendations. And foolish regulations are thus also immune from democratic input. And a self-governed people have no direct way to hold their leaders liable for consequences. Talk about a “doom loop.”

  7. The hospitals in New York were strained to the point of being overwhelmed… yet they returned the hospital ship nearly unused. This man makes garbage arguments the way my mom used to do when she just wanted something to be true.

  8. He didn't lose his job, his business, his home, his car, his access to public education/in person learning, etc. – let alone the the increase in domestic violence, drug overdoses, suicides, social media bullying, etc. So, of course, he doesn't think there wasn't harm/have any regrets…but it was ENORMOUS overreach/over reaction given the nature of the virus and the actual number of people who were ILL vs. the number of people exposed to it.

  9. Briahna always laughs off the harm done by governments mitigation policies. Government with the backing of MSM convinced people they could change the trajectory of a worldwide pandemic. The truth is only now pointing to the harm done mostly self inflicted.

  10. It'd be nice if we could finally acknowledge that nothing we did accomplished anything in stopping COVID, or even slowing it down, and that quite a lot of what we did was indeed extremely harmful and totally unnecessary. We all know it. No one is seriously arguing that things like lockdowns were helpful any longer. No one outside the true blue diehard leftists truly believes that masks do anything to reduce transmission of airborne disease any longer. You can see it in the incredibly angry, defensive demeanor Fauci adopts on the very rare occasions when he gets pushed on the subject. You can see it in the defeated, resigned demeanor Briahna has when she talks about anything COVID-related these days (just compare her demeanor in this segment to when she's talking about student debt, for instance). It's time to admit it.

    Dems were simply WRONG on COVID. They need to admit that. Yes, that will be painful. But if they want to have any chance at regaining their rapidly diminishing credibility with basically all demographic groups across the country except upper-class white suburban women, they're going to have to do it. They wanted so badly to believe they could use their scientific know-how to "defeat" COVID and use that as leverage to accomplish any number of other items on their agenda. But it didn't happen, and they were wrong about it.

    Dems try so hard to pretend that they're the party of morality and virtue, but part of being a virtuous person is admitting when one is wrong, and also admitting when one's wrong actions have done harm to others. Dems need to do that, or else their pretense about being the party of virtue will never be anything more than just that: a pretense.

  11. Is it really Monday morning quarterbacking if half of us were pointing these side effects and considerations out as they were happening. It's not Monday morning quarterbacking. It's called being….correct

  12. The reality was that many European countries didn’t stop kids from going to school so any argument the US is going to use for why it tried to pull the authoritarian card is a crock of 💩

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