Fauci Says COVID Lab Leak Possible, Media In FULL Panic Mode, Stealth Editing, Retracting “Debunks”

Fauci Says COVID Lab Leak Possible, Media In FULL Panic Mode, Stealth Editing, Retracting “Debunks.” Media claimed Republicans, Tucker Carlson, and even other journalists were pushing debunked theories.

Now as more news comes out about covid and the wuhan lab the idea of a lab leak has become mainstream.

While democrats and media were adamant on claiming anything trump said is a lie, the world suffered for it.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. "Dr Fauci is lying!". "He's a dangerous man!". "Do not believe this man!". Thanks for being so assertive, Tim. You're saving lives. Great work! ?

  2. We knew this before it ' broke ' as a story!! We knew it was bioengineered. We know that is was experiments with making a virus that can go between species!!! We KNOW this since 2019!!! Wow people forget too much. I'm old and I pay attention when I hear a real threat. I don't forget. Maybe that's why I made it to old age…. That's why sporadic animals spreading covid stories still pop up. Because it was News!

  3. I hear the mainstream say lab leak and the first thing that comes to mind is… "I guess they had enough time to cover it up now"

  4. We need a serious purge of our media, Government, and intelligence agencies. Fire them all, disband them all, send them all to work at fuckin McDonald's where do to their incompetence, we will at least know that the ice cream machine really is broken. And get new American loving patriots to govern our country and deliver us accurate news. Oh and eff China completely, send in spec ops to vaporize their leaders and let the people take their country back.

  5. I’m sure many of us here never trusted Fauci from the beginning. I remember when trump “was” president, we said “why doesn’t trump fire Fauci”? Answer: because he wants to put these criminals out front to show the public who they are.

  6. Their was a BBC news video back in January of 2020 on YouTube and the journalist ended up stuck in Wuhan but they had video of the government in China welding doors shut and people scaling down the buildings trying to get food then two of the journalist got to go home to Australia and one was stuck for another two weeks or so the video is gone now but it was before January 16

  7. One year ago what was china's two biggest problems?

    1. Their aging population they needed to pay for in relation to the younger workers.

    2. TRUMP

    What were the US elites biggest problem?

    1. Debt that needed high inflation to ever be paid off.

    2. Trump

    What did the virus do?

  8. It is very subtle how they control the news from the inside of their organizations. Its just top down typical stuff, but with alternate concepts and ideas (like they use one set of words and ideas to accomplish some other goal), group conformity stimulus, and fear of losing your job b/c the industry was gutted during the 2008 financial crisis.

  9. Dr Fauci is like a character from blazing saddles introduced into west world right when everyone at hbo decided to take a massive shit right there?? in front of everybody.

  10. Fauci knew this all along… Trying now to cover his own butt as unsuccessful he will be… Fauci is finished, done, washed up… May have to outrun those with pitchforks… Granny