Fauci Says US No Longer In A PANDEMIC, Is He LEAVING The White House?

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to Dr. Fauci’s statements that the U.S. is “out of the pandemic phase.”

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  1. What Fauci did was enter the Di-lithium Chamber – for the good of the many, lie about masks – without accepting the sacrifice it required – the good of the few or the one; sacrifice his own credibility, requiring him to (IMO) step down. The refusal to recognize this, more than any other single thing, perpetuated an already existing deficit in public trust for institutions.
    Fauci may be a brilliant scientist, but he is a total failure when it comes to public health communication.

  2. Woah! Are we going to question the authority Dr. Fauci that maybe he doesn't have the exalted power to be the one to declare the pandemic over? I have been under the impression by his own words that "he IS science" and so HE IS THE AUTHORITY, on the pandemic, on gain of function research, on mask mandates as to when they are and are not effective… I recall he was going to mandate eyewear goggle back in the summer of 2020, but somehow he changed his mind before the mandate for goggles could be enacted… now THAT is authority in real-time! If this country is willing to, we could even knight him as a hero of both BRINGING this virus to us AND defeating it after a bit more than just 2 years of our lives.

  3. * NATO Countries are "Being Run" by ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE! None of the "Government Agencies" in the USA Have ANY "Plans for the Future." I am a HUMAN "Programmed" like a "Computer." I have the DATA, but, also have "Human Thought and Instincts." It STARTED in Japan. EVERY NATO "Leader" has been PROGRAMMED. but, They do NOT "Know How to RESPOND! They RESET Like GPS, if they "Miss a Turn!" If Country, "Blew up White House, GPS just RESETS!

  4. Briahna surmizes that because the death rate has been lower that the vaccine worked.
    That is not necessarily the truth.
    It's actually been documented that most Americans at the very beginning of the so called pandemic and high levels of natural immunity … so to say that the vaccine is the reason why the death rate has lowered due to the vaccine intervention is at least questionable. You just need to look at Africa with a 5% vaccination rate yet their hospitalizations, deaths etc were all orders of magnitude lower than in the United States. I understand that there can be many factors to explaine this phenomena but low vaccination rates is certainly one that has to be considered.

  5. I really enjoy this kind of conversation between people who are obviously of different political persuasions. The rationality and objectiveness to their talk is something sorely needed in our media today. Thank you 🙂

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