Fauci Squirms Over Lab Leak Questions

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  1. Fauci was actually lying the second time when he backtracked his statement on masks the first time. These psychopaths are profit and fear mongering motivated. The longer they could paralyze people with fear the more control they had to push their trans-human poison that they are promoting as a vaccine.

  2. Google AND YOUTUBE now have national TV commericals pushing "THE JAB". (I've never seen a commercial before from these 2 platforms) Why would social media be promoting an FDA UNAPPROVED INJECTION for a virus that has a 94-99% recovery? Because they are both connected to DARPA. The military has been jacking soldiers up with untested and unapproved vaccines for decades. It was only a matter of time before they involved the civilian population. The military and Big Pharma have been working together for a very long time.

  3. American democrats likely set this all up to dethrone Trump via allowing mass voting via mail and therefore their chosen "dodgy software packages" could be legally enabled and voter fraud became easy and got them in power.

  4. I cant watch this stuff anymore. It will give me an ulcer. Most people are completely clueless. This is Orwellian. Contradiction after contradiction. And of course nobody will be held responsible and nobody will go to jail. Justice is only for the little people.

  5. Masks protect against nano sized viruses as underwear protect against the smell of fart.
    Have a look at what laboratory scientists wear when they need to protect themselves and others against a deadly virus. But sure … go on and trust the masks.

  6. Funny people saying no one has reported this? The mockingbird left media including this youtuber until today over a year later whilst alternative media and journalists reported on this from the get. Iv known about his involvement for a whole year, wait until u find out about all the other scams and dangerious research the vile little runt has been involved with its criminal but it was covered up and he was put on the front cover of magazines as a saviour whilst he pushed experimental gene therapy as a vaccine and the cheap easy life saving alternatives where destroyed by the media on his say so killing many who would if caught early with the treatment survived. Hold onto ur hats the worst is still yet to come…

  7. The WHO in early 2019 explicitly stated that wearing masks to prevent transmission of respiratory tract viral infection was NOT recommended as they are ineffective.

  8. The virus didn't "escape" from a lab, the safety measures in place would've made that scenario impossible. Personally, I think it's the virus was deliberately released by Fauci himself and his motive is simple: he wants political power he wouldn't otherwise have and he has gotten an unprecedented amount of political power because of the pandemic. That's why Fauci's dancing around these questions; he doesn't want people to know he's actually responsible for the problem. The fact that the origin of the virus hasn't been revealed means that it's either a hoax or it's bioterrorism and they don't wanna tell us and there's cases to be made for both.

  9. I noticed you guys are more interested in "universal healthcare" than solving the COVID BS. If you re going to go that direction please differentiate b/t "universal healthcare" and "universal health insurance". It sounds like you re calling for universal health insurance and NOT universal healthcare. Please clarify because it is a huge difference b/t the two. Can we have a Nuremberg trial first and then solve the health insurance problem.

  10. 3:38 to 5:59: Thank you, Jimmy, for saying what I've been thinking after hearing that very line! I was impressed with Senator Paul's line of inquiry but disappointed that he didn't call Fraudci out on that obvious vacillation.

  11. Money corrupts, Fauci was a willing pawn of the globalists, big pharma, and elites. Just a smart kid from his dads bklyn retail pharmacy who elbowed his way to the top of his field, finding out in the end he sold his integrity and his soul for 15 minutes of fame, adulation and some shekels! ????