Fauci Tries Laughing Off White House Vaxx Lies

During a recent appearance with CNN’s Jake Tapper, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director and Chief Medical Advisor to the President Dr. Anthony Fauci tried to laugh off a tweet recently sent out by the White House Twitter account erroneously claiming that when Joe Biden took office no one had received a COVID vaccination. Donald Trump’s lies were egregious and universally condemned but lies coming from the Biden administration are apparently a laughing matter.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Fauci’s attempts to deflect from this White House’s prevarications.

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  1. One of the reasons I still give Trump a lot of space for his messaging ( and good things he did during his presidency ) is the COLOSSAL amount of corruption / lies / waste of time spent by the Media in how they treated him. The next 24-Hour News Cycle of Drama whipped up by pundits and commentators directly or incompetently mis-quoting Trump, getting on his case for every un-dotted "i" and un-crossed "t", YET Biden and the Dems get away with lies to your face about the Chinese Flu, inflation, gas prices, unemployment. The Media, the vast majority who are Liberals/Democrats, let the lies go and laugh it off in Faucian fashion. Thank God we at least have Jimmy and Tucker to call BS on these elite Bubbleists.

  2. They don’t get to take credit for people just going back to work after our government shut them down!! And morons just ignore the facts, or are just not intelligent enough to see this nonsense

  3. Watching Fauci being interviewed as if he was some honest humanitarian while the truth of him being the creator and financial supplier of the very thing that caused the destruction of most of what the human race cherished. From the "virus" to the poison injection he's at the center of all of it. But yet lets all cheer him on thanks to a media that turns a Charlie Manson into mother Theresa.

  4. Let them take credit for possibly permanently damaging up to 200 million people. Clowns bought and paid for by Big Pharma and ruled by the WEF.

  5. Faucci now openly criticizing Trump, his colours are coming out.
    Faucci is the biggest virus!! His laughter and theatrics is disgusting. He belongs to prison.

  6. As soon as that email surfaced between Collins and Fauci that should have been the end of both of them. Collins figured it out and bailed but Fauci is determined to remain on post protecting the files over there at NIAID. There's a lot of things to keep lids on there.

  7. Yes, but he is much more relaxed when he has to explain someone else lying!
    When someone challenges him, he gets angry, lie even harder and attack the asking person.

  8. Fauci got away with lies but McCullough and Dr. Malone got.censored for telling the truth about the vaccines. Also, the other Fauci lie was that he said that the vaccines were not available-they were widely available!

  9. Biden has lied about this multiple times, which is a common occurrence for him. When he lies, the Dems say "oh well ol' Scranton Joe just slipped up, he's not a liar," even though he's been fact checked on it before.

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