Fauci Uses “Science” As Defense for His Lies

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  1. Science is a concept not a person anyone who can observe interpret or investigate the known world and universe and articulate it correctly in a way that people can understand even when you're not there without twisting it that's science

  2. Dr Fauci, produce the peer reviewed studies of mask efficacy as barriers to the novel c19 virus, from all documented sources. Otherwise, lick yourself: stop opining about masks.

  3. Wonder the 2022 MLB lockout has any un-speakable reason. Last and only report on players dropping like flies was July. Guess the last few month reports must be too sensitive to publish.

  4. He shouldn't be imprisoned… because (like your past self Jimmy) I don't support prison other than for the most dangerous violent criminals who need to be separated from society for the protection of the other citizens.
    Please, don't be inconsistent just because you dislike Fauci.
    Fauci should be removed from his position, but more importantly we need to prevent the government from being able to dictate through any position (including Fauci's position).
    So 2 problems, fix the short term threat (Fauci's lies and agenda) but also preventing a future Fauci we've yet to meet.

  5. “If measured by the standards of natural law and justice, all politicians, of all parties and virtually without any exception, are guilty, whether directly or indirectly, of murder, homicide, trespass, invasion, expropriation, theft, fraud, and the fencing of stolen goods on a massive and ongoing scale. And every new generation of politicians and parties appears to be worse, and piles even more atrocities and perversions on top of the already existing mountain, so that one feels almost nostalgic about the past. They all should be hung, or put in jail to rot, or set to making compensation.”
    Hans-Hermann Hoppe

  6. So if the weak are to afraid to make a stand. What's stopping the rise from removing the evil that forced the vax on us. Or is it true that history will always repeat and people in general are weak and afraid and won't stand unless there is someone to take the fall. Don't believe, just look at God's history. God made a stand for us, even died for us. Yet we still refuse and call his name. Shame

  7. Hate to break it to you Jimmy, but the "evil fascists" have been pointing out this guy's misrepresentations of science for over a year. Too bad more progressives couldn't notice and say something then — but I guess they were more worried about getting Biden elected.

  8. Fauci should have said there was a shortage of masks that are needed to be reserved for the front line medical professionals and that they are very important for all to wear. He should have then had tutorials of how people could in the short term at least make their own masks to reduce the rate of infection and pushed to fund a big thrust in mask-making and research into developing a CoVid quick test and vaccines. I think that it was vaccines that saved us from the polio and small pox viruses and that a nonprofit company be the one that develops and manufactures them for CoVid… but just my amateur opinion. Thanks so much Jimmy and Stepanie!

  9. MASKS. In Asia, in general, people wear masks when they feel they have caught something and wish to protect others. If this is not true in your country then maybe it is time to rethink what is good for your country.

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