Fauci Will RETIRE! | What will his COVID19 Legacy Be?

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. The main error is shutting up people with different perspectives. It’s how Putin believed his military was mighty and everything is going great for Russians in Ukraine

  2. Agree with everything you’ve stated here 100%. Fauci should have stepped down years ago. His ego and arrogance has overshadowed every decision since COVID hit. You’re right on the money when you say people do not like to be treated like idiots. Fauci’s bald face lies I believe will be his legacy… that he had no faith in the intelligence of his fellow Americans and that he had his own agenda and lied to shove it down our throats. What happened in our schools is disgraceful. What’s happened to our economy is disgusting. I cannot think of this man without shaking and anger and disgust.

  3. Nice summary but i think the midterms is why he is about to retire. Not his age….it's going to be a bloodbath and he doesn't want to still be around to face the wrath when it does. I would bet after holding majorities the pubs will go after him for all of his lying to the American people who are already stating Biden is going to be impeached endlessly like trump was so…Fauci isn't going to ride that train.

  4. My son was out of school for half his junior year of high school and his entire senior year. I cannot begin to tell you how this mentally changed him. He got a full scholarship to a great college and couldn't swing it, saying he was having a hard time adjusting to academics after doing "bed school" for a year and a half. My daughter went to a private school, which she obviously fared better, but has been in a mask for two years every day at school. She was not allowed to bring snacks into her school when I asked, because her lunch period was very late in the day. They said, "That would mean the mask comes off outside of the cafeteria." The girl couldn't bite an apple between classes, folks. Thank you Dr. Prasad. If I didn't have you to listen to in the height of this madness, I would have thought I was going insane.

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