Fauci Won’t Rule Out NEW Restrictions, Omicron Subvariant BA.2 Is 50-60% MORE Contagious

Deputy opinion editor at Newsweek, Batya Ungar-Sargon, weighs in on the latest concerns surrounding a subvariant of omicron.

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  1. Fauci is like Billie Mays, or some other late night advert salesman…"But just wait…this one is now more transmissible, with the potent for exponentially more death and suffering!"

  2. those globalist elites 🐙 and their big pharmacheutical 🐍 CON-panies will make the people sick just to GAIN ADVANTAGE on their GAIN OF FUNCTION PETS of ANY VARIANTS while GAINING or PROFITING MONEY💵💰 for their 1,2,3 BOOSTER☣️BUSINESS💰💵because they are the "HEAD of the CORONA"..

  3. Batya hit it on the head. I have a relative who falls into that category of those who have total fear of Covid and they work from home and did before all this happened. They also seem content to be locked down and wear 2-3 masks despite being young and healthy. I'm much older, did get all the vaccinations, but do not want to wear a mask and very much want to socialize before my time on earth is up. Covid has created this wedge within families, and no one seems to know how to fix it. Thanks Dr Fauci.

  4. 2+ years in, same old story. If this knucklehead (Fauci) hasn't figured out how to deal with this thing and still function as a society by this point, he needs to step aside and let somebody competent take over.

  5. 1st off I thought fauci was dead he disappeared and back in full effect threatening lockdowns. Give me a break. I've had covis 2 times everyone I know has had covid I thought he was smart and faded into retirement

  6. Things the boughtout shill Ryan Grimm will never inquire about:

    The CDC has been withholding safety data related to these experimental pharmaceuticals regarding age demographics between 18 and 49. That’s a massive amount of missing data.

    Then we get in the issue of the CDC and the NIAID admitting in the last few months that the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 are not necessarily deaths caused by COVID-19. Similarly, the number of hospitalizations attributed COVID-19 are not necessarily hospitalizations caused by COVID-19. This is huge as even suggesting such a thing a year ago would get one censored, labeled, or outright removed from social media and lambasted by all the legacy media networks.

    Just looking into the state of Massachusetts, simply having been diagnosed with COVID-19 within 60 days of one’s death was enough to be categorized as a COVID-19 death, even if the virus was not remotely the cause of the death.

    Massachusetts now has dropped that length of time from 60 to 30 days, meaning that even now, if you die within the 30 days of having been diagnosed with COVID-19, your death will count as a COVID-19 death.

    Simply going from 60 days of diagnosis to 30 days has dropped the official death count in Massachusetts by roughly 23%. Why not relegate COVID-19 deaths to deaths actually caused by the virus?

    It’s also worth noting that the new governor of New York recently ordered a breakdown of those hospitalized with COVID-19 versus hospitalized for COVID-19. After just two days, the number of hospitalizations dropped by roughly 40%. That’s rather staggering.

    Recall that even suggesting that COVID-19 hospitalization counts and death counts were inflated a year ago would get one labeled, censored, or even outright removed from social media by a bunch of non-medical experts for “spreading misinformation.“

  7. The scary part of Omicron isn't with mild but fast spreading among human.
    The scary part of Omicron is reverse Zoonotic. It can and have passed onto animals. Omicron is spreading among white tailed Deers.
    It terrifies me to think Omicron could spread to Live Stocks.
    Omicron may also make a few rounds among the animals then transmit back to Human as a different strain, may be even a new Virus.

    Omicron BA2 started in Denmark first before spreading out to other countries.
    Are there Biolabs in Europe studying Sar-Cov2 ?
    Is there USA funded Biolabs in Denmark?

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