Fauci’s Dishonesty and Co-Conspirators Revealed!

In this episode, I break down a very short window of time from Jan 31, 2020 to Feb 2 – 2020 when Fauci met with key representatives of the Wellcome Trust, WHO, NIH and senior private virologists. They presumably discussed prior and ongoing gain of function experiments on SARS CoV viruses as well as the lab leak origin theory that was worriedly gaining steam out in the public eye.

Mere days after this meeting a wall of scientific opinion coupled to air-tight media backing concluded that SARS-CoV-2 could not have come from a lab but must​ have been of natural origin.

We now know this was not based on science but was a predetermined conclusion in search of supporters and which made declarative statements that could not possibly have been grounded in actual science.

#007 Fauci Emails and Lab Leak Timeline

Science Mag “strongly condemns”

Lancet Financing of International Efforts

Lancet “Statement in Support of China”

Nature – “Proximal Origin”

Nature – Baric, Shi SARS GoF Experiments

US Gain of Function moratorium

Virological “Proximal Origin” paper uploaded Feb 9

FOIA – Fauci emails

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  1. They were banning people who talked about this theory over Facebook and twitter. look at where we are now. Blood on these peoples hands.

  2. Thank you so much for informing us…Chris’s. You were so much help when this virus first hit US soil..I’m so happy to see you back and staying abreast of this awfulness.?

  3. Dr. Fauci & Dr. Collins have been on the wrong side of the Gain-of-Function (GOF) debates since the debates started coming to a head in 2011. The debate over the wisdom of “gain of function” research erupted in 2011 when the labs of Ron Fouchier (yes, the same Ron Fouchier included in key redacted Fauci e-mail threads) of Erasmus University in the Netherlands, and Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, separately announced that they had succeeded in making the lethal H5N1 avian flu easily transmissible between ferrets, which are a model for human susceptibility to flu.

    The GOF debates further heated up in 2014 when the CDC admitted it had suffered laboratory accidents that exposed dozens of workers to anthrax & shipped deadly avian flu virus to another federal lab that had asked for a more benign flu strain. Also, vials of smallpox that had been forgotten for 50 years were found in a lab at the NIH. These extremely dangerous incidents & others led the Obama Administration to institute the 10/17/14 "Pause" on funding GOF research on influenza, MERS & SARS viruses.

    Over the years, at all of the conferences held that addressed the GOF debates & concerns, Fauci & Collins have been on the wrong side (pro-side) of the debates about the GOF funding & research on influenza, MERS & SARS viruses.

    Fauci, Collins et al. will do whatever it takes to CYA & distract from their long-held very dangerous & deadly pro-position supporting GOF funding & research on influenza, MERS & SARS viruses.

    This isn't about putting blame on China as the media & too many others have been trying to focus on as a distraction away from the big-money related root issue/problem. This should be about putting the blame where it belongs — on those who have been pushing to fund & do very dangerous & deadly GOF research on influenza, MERS & SARS viruses to develop vaccines, which is demonstrably unsafe to do anywhere.

    However, unfortunately, SARS-CoV-2 has been so grossly politicized, that many ingrained partisans on the left & the right won't make any real effort to properly re-center this debate to its true core issue — the demonstrated inherent dangers of GOF funding & research on influenza, MERS & SARS viruses, to develop vaccines, no matter where it is done.

    Too many on the left have demonstrated that they are blinded by partisanship & will do anything to protect what they perceive as their pro-Fauci/anti-Trump paradigm. And, too many on the right, similarly blinded by partisanship, won't really re-center this debate where it needs to be, because Obama Administration instituted the GOF funding "pause" in 2014 (albeit as clearly full of loopholes as it was) & the Trump Administration lifted the "pause" in 2017 with very weak safety provisions in place & that is also chock-full of loopholes.

    Money speaks, & too many (the public & researchers, alike) will too often, too simply & too easily parrot the false & distracting paradigms that big-money interests create using the the tried & true tools of money, politics & partisanship to distract & keep the masses from focusing on the root core issues & problems.

  4. I am wondering if they are exchanging eye rising emails knowing the fact that all these messages will be leaked to the public under FOIA, imagine what kind a of information they must be sharing in private settings. I am not a fan of Trumps but I got a feeling that this pandemic was brought alive to get ride of Trump once for all by the global establishment.

  5. We've heard other people speak out about this, scientists/doctors from China, citizen journalists. All who were supposedly discounted. It's about friggen time this story is given credence. Now what? Will Fauci be held accountable? BTW, what else are they cooking up in the lab?

  6. So much corruption, more will come out, truth eventually does, never put any trust fully always wait and investigate reliable sources and not media or politicians or big pharma, I believe this was to be used on the masses but got out too soon, big plan decrease population, bigger plan coming soon I believe. They don't care who really dies. There's US money in these China labs. Listen but trust little when listening to press conferences and media.

  7. In the last week on TWiV channel, virologist Vincent Racaniello has been interviewing some of the characters (Peter Daszak, Marion Koopmans, Robert Garry) implicated in this video. In TWiV 762, Vincent actually says that it was good that Facebook had been removing posts discussing the lab leak hypothesis. So he's apparently in favour of censorship. Many of these virologists clearly want the lab leak hypothesis to "go away".

  8. Just like Bill Gates made computer viruses so he could sell virus protection, Fauci made the virus so he could sell the vaccine. It’s the vaccine that is the real threat. Millions will ultimately perish from IT.

    Of course many more are involved in this devious act, we must realize that the world has gone Jekyll and Hyde.

  9. Heavily redacted, who’s who meeting on zero notice, demonstrable facts in a couple of days…

    Shit flipped just as quick as the CDC mask chart with vaccinations when the general public said “ Nuh uh, we don’t like that, change it!”

  10. @34:00 K Anderson email: "in the nefarious scenario somebody would have used a SARS/MERS backbone and optimal ACE2…."
    Strange that Anderson proscribes THE method a nefarious scenario WOULD have to be executed while leaving out Ralph Barics' "NO SEE UM" (Baric's terminology) technique as a potential way to hide the engineering

  11. These people will stop at nothing to stop this information! Look at the Trillions of dollars of lawsuits Around the world Focus on who is responsible!

  12. Chris is the best! Been following him since the beginning. Two questions, what will it take to go after the pandemic planners and players. They must’ve brought to justice for crimes against humanity. Second, what does it take to rescind EUA? Mass vaccination might have been end game to the plandemic. Death jabs must stop!

  13. wonder if these emails were redacted recently pending possible investigations and litigation. maybe there's something going on in the background