Fauci’s Greatest Covid Failures Exposed

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DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.
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  1. I'm in Sweden right now walking around free as a bird. Almost no one wears a mask ANYWHERE. Not even on trains or buses. In fact, not only are masks not required, the government (Social Democrat) does not even RECOMMEND wearing a mask indoors nor outdoors (minus key personnel in hospitals). NO mandates (so far), nobody screaming that any of this is "right wing" or "killing gramma." NONE of that. But hey what does Sweden know, we just happen to have the most prestigious medical awards on earth (Nobel) based on our outsized reputation in….science.

  2. Out of curiosity has anyone looked into the study Dore refers to about the vaccinated being "just as likely" to shed & spread the virus?

    Because I looked up that fact & it seems they said that was reported on wrongly & it's not true. Or that a single study showed that but follow ups proved that wrong.

    The media twists everything so it's hard to be certain of much anymore. Not to mention how are they even testing this stuff & how accurate could it possibly be?

    Anyways I'm just curious if anyone dug into that study or others that may shed more light on this issue.

  3. Regardless of the science, mandate morality, vaccines etc, Jimmy's intentions blah blah…..I find it absolutely incredible that this pandemic has not been exploited in an effective way to push for M4A. The squad should be screaming about this every day, but they're all useless do nothing sell – outs as we know. Such a lost opportunity.

  4. Fauci said protecting just the vulnerable would be impossible so instead, let’s protect everybody by locking down all of society.
    I guess that’s suppose to makes sense in the new normal.

  5. no one talks about Fauci anymore. guess he got away with wrecking the planets economy and millions of deaths and suicides….but you better not sell a bag of weed illegally or you'll be in jail for ever

  6. Who else could Trump have picked? By the time we realized Fauci was a corrupt liar, you guys were in full hysterics about everything. The only one who calmed you lunatics down was Fauci so Trump could not replace Fauci or Birx.. the only reason the Democrats are leaving Fauci in now is so you can throw it in Trumps face when Fauci gets it all horribly wrong.

  7. Because Fauci and many politicians have gotten enormous amounts of money from the pharmaceutical companies. The more people that get vaccinated, the more money pharmaceutical companies receive.

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