FBI Agent Accused Of Protecting HUNTER BIDEN Resigns After 25 YEARS With Bureau: Bri & Robby React

The Washington Times reports that a top FBI agent has resigned amidst accusations he undermined the investigation into Hunter Biden. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss. #HunterBiden #FBI #TimothyThibault

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  1. The problem is now when the FBI labels a story as Disinformation you automatically have to wonder if merely attempting to discredit the truth. Let's face it, the FBI has lost a LOT of credibility as a law enforcement agency over the last 5-10 years. Political bias is so engrained especially in leadership positions to the point where they're less concerned with enforcing the law than and more concerned with covering up Democrat secrets.

  2. Why is it that all these democrats can commit crimes and gets a free pass,,look how many times Clinton committed crimes of national security,,and lying to start the Russia hoax,smashing cell phones erasing 33,000 emails,,leaving Americans to be murdered in benghazi

  3. If anyone thinks elections aren't rigged in the United States your not paying attention. The FBI and the DOJ are beyond corrupt. Why anyone supports law enforcement anymore is beyond me. 2 sets of laws now.

  4. Even as a grumpy old Lefty, seeing the Democratic Party, which was once based on giving EVERY struggling working-class person a chance, disgustingly reduced to a smug, privileged clique of pink-pussyhatted pseudo-woke Karens & Cucks, whose political ideology can be distilled into, "I Want to See the Manager!!!" remains disheartening.

  5. it has all been a lie from the beginning. the beginning of government, this is just par for the course and nothing will happen, they all have the right people getting there backs.they are not idiots by any means, they know what they are doing. good luck with the rest of your lives

  6. They dont want to appear to have an impact on the election so they didnt pursue the hunter biden story…. but they just raided trump few months before elections where all trumps people are running….Ok . Also its been 3 years, where is hunter biden's raid? subpoena??

  7. " do we really think that the hunter biden would have made that much of an impact"" what a loser comment. If the FBI actually investigated it, issue subpeonas, did some actual law enforcement work they would easily see JOE BIDEN is the big guy. It would take 1 month of honest investigation work.

  8. The Hunter Biden laptop wouldn't have mattered to the people who believed the Russian hoax, I mean the presidential candidate tied in to decades of government corruption wouldn't have made a difference.

  9. so some Ukrainian AND SEPARATELY some Chinese rubes hand over SUBSTANTIAL sums in agreements with a dude who diaries things on his laptop ( probably ran the whole show with Megasoft's Home Business ), then ( oops! ) manages to lose it into the hands of national intelligence and media….the outrage seems to be that New Comms do NOT operate in a bubble of elevated ethics….the relationship between the State and the media is an old enough story

    the key to much confusion is the exact definition of " real " or " legit " or " accurate "….stand-alone, The Laptop is useless for purposes of evidence or publishing material

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