FBI Agent Planted Inside Twitter FIRED By Musk For Censorship!

If you were wondering what happened the past few days to interrupt journalist Matt Taibbi’s release of internal deliberations at Twitter over the social media platform’s censorship policies, it turns out that the company’s legal counsel, James Baker, had been actively trying to hamper Taibbi’s search. And why would he do that? Perhaps because Baker is a former lawyer for the FBI who was deeply involved in the Russiagate investigation. He has since been let go by Twitter.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the Twitter files release and their amazement at learning of Baker’s background and role in this drama.

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  1. I hope Elon gets all of the Government agents from multiple countries identified in that Twitter report that the former CISO reported to congress. Get China, India, UK, and all of the other countries identified in that report.

  2. Jim Baker obviously should be thrown in prison for about 25 years, you know, to teach that little ӺԱ₡Ʞ€Я a lesson. Unfortunately for the American people, that little ӺԱ₡Ʞ€Я won't have ANY charges placed against him for his crimes, and, even if he did, some ₲ΘⱭ-ⱭⱯꭑͶ€Ɑ politician who gets vetted by his/her masters on Wall Street, the Military-Industrial Complex, and the rest of multi-billionaire-owned corporate America who decide that they're going to be the next fake president, then that @₴₴ꟿ¡₱Ǝ will just give Mr. Baker a "presidential?" pardon. Because, that's how things work here in the United States. All white, white-collar criminals get off Scott-free.

  3. Seriously Jimmy, you are giving Elon TOOO much credit thinking he KNEW Jim Baker worked there and was an ex FBI agent beforehand, he is not that type of intelligent.

  4. Elon Musk is 1 guy running multiple companies, but how could he have not personally run a background check on every Twitter employee? How could 1 employee out of thousands manage to last days longer than the rest? Clearly this is a personal failing on Musk's part…

  5. I seem to be unable to load more than about six or seven tweets and then nothing per scrolled thread. I dont know if everybody is finding that but I was deep diving through hundreds of tweets in a scrolling event. THis new limit is serious censorship as I cant hunt news trends

  6. The ENTIRE U.S. poltical system is C-O-R-R-U-P-T!!! Not ONE-SINGLE-POLITICIAN-CAN-BE-TRUSTED in either the (alleged and wrongly-named) "Democratic???" Party nor in the Repub-LIE-CON Party. Hmmm … well, I guess everyone's going to have to just start voting (correctly) for Green Party candidates. Oh well, finally fixing our country CAN happen, that is, if the American people could just WAKE the ӺԱ₡Ʞ up!!! Seriously, why do SO MANY American taxpayers continue to insist on voting for corporate America, for Wall Street banksters, for the military-industrial complex? Becuase, that's what you're doing when you throw your precious vote away on a Repub-LIE-CON or a DemoCrap. Vote Green Party for a few years. I mean, seriously, what could you possibly lose? We've already lost almost everything already anyway because of the existing and highly CORRUPT and totally corporate-monopolized two-party system. I DARE you to start voting for Green Party candidates. Come join me! WAKE UP!

  7. He is what he hates? Which is Trump.
    That Doesn’t seem to make much sense when you look at their projection of their weak and corrupt characters on to, not just Trump but anyone who challenges the orthodox of the Narratives they spin the smearing, censoring, and the destruction of their target’s finances, careers, their credibility, and filed of expertise..and of course their reputation
    So it appears to me these people have always been the deceptive unsavoury characters that they are.

    When you look at this strategic deployment of methods they use to shut people up and close them down, is the same strategy that’s used if you expose something but are then accused of antisemitism, the same tools are used.

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