FBI Agent Reacts to DOJ Order to Investigate Parents

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  1. Schools and school boards serve with our permission. They can easily be replaced. And yes they answer to parents who pay taxes to pay the teachers and fund the schools.

  2. FBI has been weaponized by the democratic left for at least ten yrs now .. started sometime during obamas regime…..
    continued unabated during trump & is on steroids with Biden..all federal agencies have now been weaponized by the left.

  3. Democrats are just pure evil, and there is no other way to say it. They are committing every evil act they possibly can. They appoint the most vile, perverted, and twisted individuals that you can imagine, to positions of authority, and power over the American People. Why?? There is no good answer, or reason except because they can, and they want to.

  4. There was no order to investigate parents. There was an order to create multi-departmental task force that will help counties combat violence, threats of violence towards educators, school board officials, etc.
    Are you so desperate for clicks that you need to use right-wing "gotcha" headlines to be noticed? Sad.

  5. The term Nazi is definitely overused. When a socialist party uses the justice department to intimidate the public in order to implement its authoritarian policies the comparison to the National Socialist German Workers Party seems appropriate. Parallels are becoming more apparent by the week, including brainwashing children.

  6. Great analysis here. Garland is completely off base. The father whose daughter was raped should file a lawsuit and criminal charges should be filed as well against the school board leader who tried to conceal the rape. On a lesser note, Reagan should not be held up as any sort of hero. He was not a strong president. Reaganomics didn't make sense, for example.

  7. Those cops should be ashamed of themselves they are a disgraced to our law enforcement and our country, every one of them needs to be fired.

  8. If there are ANY domestic terrorists out there, it is this tyrannical administration that is absolutely wreaking havoc on the US Constitution, this Country and her People. And any leftist "mostly peaceful" protesters (Burn Loot and Riot), and schools pushing CRT, which is threatening our children.

  9. Merrick Garland's memo to the FBI, was a line in the sand, between the people of the United States, and the Federal government. The government clearly stepped over that line with malice aforethought. There are quite likely grave consequences yet to come from this.
    Thanks Chris, for an excellent interview.

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